Thank You.

To all of you who have taken or ARE taking the time to write/comment/leave me love – thank you. It was not an attempt to fish for all the kind things you are saying – but I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear you saying them! Your words are helping me firm up some of the ideas swirling around in my head as of late, giving anchors to some of them, more substance to others, and helping others fall by the wayside where they belong. So thank you. i love you all so much – seeing your names pop up in my comments dashboard makes me smile, and think of the times we’ve had together as some of you recounted! I wish I could give all of you a big hug! And that goes for those of you who HAVEN’T commented yet either. someday, somehow, sometime – you will. and then i will be equally as gushy about YOU! So feel free to do it now! 😉

Anyways – as you can (hopefully) see over to the right, I’ve finally made a FB fan page for Terra Talking. I think you should be able to click “like” from right here on the blog without having it take you to facebook – anyone wanna test that out for me? I hope to be able to have a good place to dialogue there with some of you who are afraid to comment here! Pretty soon I hope to get a good “poll” up of what are your favorite Terra Talking posts as I am compiling them for a special place on the site.

annnnndddd….yeah. I have more to say, but I am about to be late for the school pickup line. i need to figure out a good blog client for my phone. Cause then i’d get some REAL good drivel up in here for you guys!  I’ll finish these thoughts later…

For now, enjoy the cuteness of this picture minus the sound of screaming as they were “not sharing” the drink.




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  1. I had SO MUCH FUN with these two lovelies today in the play area (along with their cousins). Kendall was an absolute delight, and it is, in YOUR word, fandamntastic to see her doing so well right now. I HOPE I DIDN’T MAKE HER SICK!

  2. Oh, T. I less than three your blog!

    My fav posts are “Give and Take” “Signs by Terra” and “Ben Wants to Stay Forever 15”. (I know I messed up the Ben title, but I’m not looking it up.)

    And for the blog client? I like the WP app. Then again, perhaps I don’t know any better because it’s all I know. 

    In one of my fav terra-isms — kaythanxbai
    Dana talked about…My 1st Vlog {may include dancing and singing}

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