You know, cliche as it is, sometimes it is just the only sentiment you can think of to fully describe one of those weeks. The kind you hope to not have to live through again for a while. Not that it was a really BAD week – it was just way more emotional baggage to pick up than i really had time or desire for.

It was a long week with Ben gone, a long week of processing, a long week filled with way too much medical info and medical related errands. And it just wore me out.

so Thank God It’s Saturday. About to embark on a fun, low-key get away with a few friends. Just some time to get away from the routine of life with many young children around, and find time to reconnect with each other, ourselves, our own goals and dreams for life. Try to renew our spirits a little bit so we can come back to our “real” lives with just a little more zest for living. I am so excited but haven’t started packing. This will result in me having 29 different little bags with stuff crammed into them because i am just willy-nilly grabbing things i *might* need or want instead of thinking it out.

I need to continue working on Kendall’s big birthday bash next weekend! Are you coming???? We can’t wait to see you all! And yes, i do mean all of you! I was thinking back to this past April, when so many of you gathered early on a Saturday morning to pray over our baby girl, after fasting for her, pleading with God to move in her life, to give answers and directions, to have His hand on her. It was such a moving time for us, and we want to re-create that feeling of community, that sense that we are not in this alone. To celebrate how God HAS answered those pleas and prayers from  this year, and to ask for another year of blessing to be upon her. So seriously – come, please! Our house, this Saturday the 14th from 5-7p. There will be some food, cake, ice cream and leftover Halloween candy! Just email me ( ) to let me know that you are coming!

And now I should go get ready for my weekend of fun and relaxation!

I hope you are all having an awesome Saturday and have a GREAT weekend, whatever you have planned!


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