Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Ok so it wasn’t bloody so much as it was…..sucky.

Sunday morning Kendall had to get labs drawn early, but blessedly they found a good vein rather quickly and she was soon back asleep. She ended up sleeping till almost noon when her sissies and daddy came to visit. She instantly tried to laugh when she saw them, but it was so pitiful how weak/tired she obviously still felt. After about an hour of seeing them, trying to sit up and play with the toys they kept bringing her from the playroom here on the floor, and just enjoying the chaos that only they can bring to the room, she was ready for a nap again. We slowly bumped up her J-tube feed of pedialyte another ml per hour, got a little more fussiness, but she took a pretty good nap while I enjoyed just being with the other babies playing in the playroom, doing crafts, etc.

The rest of sunday was just – gross. I was done. Kendall was done. There were too many people with differing opinions gathered in one small place, too many plans and we were all just too far away from home to deal well. I ended up going to my grandmas house to take a shower and a nap while Poppa stayed with Kendall and got another taste of hospital life (thanks Dad!) – the nonstop flow of nurses and CNA’s and residents asking question after question that you may or may not know the answer to. He was sick of it after four hours! I was also able to get some happy blue medicine which is a surefire way to fall asleep even while inpatient. Or if a tornado happens to be hitting your home. Either way. You’ll probably sleep right through it.

So I came back, fought a little bit with the nurse about the idiocy of the fact that THEY stopped her calories (her IV fluids per her protocol have some calories in them, mixed up special in the pharmacy), and put her on regular maintenance fluids (which is a bag of potassium – which i thought was ridiculous for a kid who is, at baseline, on the very high end of hyperkalemic) and then wanted ME to get some calories into her. I told her she could figure it out, I was going to bed. But if you make my baby scream in pain cause you put too much food in her at once, there will be some words exchanged.

So they managed to get 2 ounces of half strength formula/half pedialyte into her before she had to be “NPO” for the nite because of her test the next day. She cramped and whined through the whole nite because of it, had a few sat drops and coughs indicating that it was being refluxed up from her jejunem into her stomach, and that then her stomach was trying to get rid of it.But overall, she survived the nite ok with it. And then we were on to Monday morning. I love writing these posts 2 days after the fact – it always makes for such an awkward wrap up/transition/segue….


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