Maybe not success by very many people’s standards – but on a day like today, where I have been awake for far too long and dealt with far too many medical issues – success is measured by being safely home in our own beds.
We succesfully got kendall’s ivig infusion for this month. i’ll call the infusion a complete success if we stay out of the hospital the rest of this week (I don’t think we will have to go there, i’m just hedging my bets!)

It’s been a super long day, draining not only physically but emotionally too.

I’m about to crash but gosh darn it – i said i would blog every day so i’m going to do it if it durn near kills me. (For the record – ive also done the planking every day, even though that crap is getting HARD. And i most definitely did NOT want to do it tonight but i did it anyways.)

So here it is – in all it’s super short glory – today’s blog.

we surived. we made it home. we had success.


the end.

(i’ll write more tomorrow cause i really do have a lot more to say but i cannot possibly prop my eyelids open any longer.)



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