Still here!

I was trying to think of something real profound to say after such a long absence….


IMG_3513 and yeah. i got nothin’. i think just the fact that I can get semi-coherent (albeit banally boring) sentences put together right now is profound enough.

so where did i last leave off – oh yeah. floating on the grasses of gas (can ya dig it)…hopped up on narcotics outside of a starbucks. I haven’t wandered too far away from that place. The cast came off last week – HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and i’ve been having to wear this redonkulous brace that makes me look like a retired bowler. I hate it. But I admit its semi helpful in the pain department. So I reluctantly wear it.  The final verdict was that it was not fractured, but due to the way I had torn/sprained nearly all the ligaments and tendons in the wrist/top of my hand, i had shifted the bones out of place enough that they couldn’t tell whether it was fractured or not – and the treatment was still to cast it. Let’s just say i’m persuasive when i need to be. And the 6-10 week casting forecast turned into 3 weeks, with “as long as I feel like putting up with it” in the stupid brace thing. Something else about physical therapy blah blah blah. Sure thing. I’ll call you as soon as I have an open hour in my week….sometime in 2015 probably.

Life has been about as calm as you can expect around here. since my wrist stint, no one else hasIMG_3514 had to go to to the doctor, ER, hospital, or medical setting of any kind. miracles never cease.  The girls were on spring break from school last week (3 different schools for the 4 of them – and somehow they were ALL on spring break at the same time!) Sometimes I get jealous that we aren’t in a place that we can’t just plan a nice fun family vacation to parts warm and sunny – but this is life. We hung out around here, got some cleaning done (not nearly enough – i totally fizzled out after the first day), took Kealey to see the Hunger Games movie (yes – she has read all three books as have Ben and I – another miracle!), and had our usual dance runaround!

Ok so I actually do have more to write about than i thought when i started this but the laptop battery is dying and i need to get some sleep. I’ll try to write more tomorrow.

thanks for stickin around, for those of you still here. I promise to make it up to you when we start celebrating the Terra Talking 5 year Bloggiversary at the end of this month! <3!!! Fun stuff!


Party on party people.


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