Some random thoughts

for a good fill in the blanks post…

I think sometimes I take HEALTH for granted. How good it feels to feel good, and have your whole family feeling good. As we enter what will surely be a season full of sicknesses at some point, I want to remember to thank God EVERY DAY for His provision of health, for a body that works to fight off sicknesses, and to pray for extra special coverage for Kendall, till her body figures out how to fight sicknesses the right way.

Many many thanks to my darling father in law, for leaving not only ONE but TWO pieces of heaven here in my kitchen – two gloriously delicious and uber-fattening pieces of Portillo’s cake. Cause you know, heaven forbid i throw something like that OUT! geez. i need those calories like i need a hole in my head!

Kaylen is a ball of activity. today she has asked to watch wall-e 15 times, asked to “keen tay-bo” (=taking a clorox wipe to clean the kitchen table and any other stationary object in sight) about 82 times, has dumped all the therapy bucket balls all over the living room twice, peed somewhere i can’t find, and strewn her babies and their paraphernalia across the tv room. She has also colored four pictures, unwrapped 6 crayons, eaten three meals, fed the dog half a cheese block, and is now running circles around the table. Can i please have ONE FOURTH of that energy? Just to TRY to keep up with her? I gave up on staying one step ahead of her a LONG time ago.

Trying to think of what last Tuesday and/or Friday was like (since those are the spots this post will go into!) I know last Tuesday we hadn’t heard back from immunology or gone into the ER yet. Oh how our lives change in a matter of days around here sometimes! But you know, i am HOPEFUL that soon we will have a plan in place. And i never lose sight of the fact that God is ALWAYS in control. He knows what will happen every minute of every day around here, and He WILL BE FAITHFUL. He is always faithful. I lose sight of that, but it does not change who HE is, or how HE will act. i praise God for who He is and know that I worship an amazing loving father who knows all about every cell in Kendall’s body, because HE is the one who made them.

But for now, we take it day by crazy day – with all the chaos that comes with it, and enjoy the quiet lulls (or at least the version of quiet lulls we get around here, see point 2 above).

posterSplash For the record – i think the movie “where the wild things are” looks like a crazy movie. The kind of weird movie my parents would have rented for us when we were little. The kind of movie in the same genre as “Dark Crystal” and “Never-Ending Story”. LOVED those movies back in the day, when we used to watch them on our BETA-MAX video player. now that i see them through adult eyes, i think “what on EARTH were my parents thinking?!?!?! or better yet – i can’t believe a studio actually PRODUCED these movies. (and side note – Joshua, go read the dark crystal link – someone actually made a WHOLE SITE about the movie! I had no idea there was that much of a story line to it!!!)



Ok have you all enjoyed this little trip down random lane???

hope so!

maybe i’ll do a whole post about random movies we used to watch as kids soon. its good stuffs. good memories. send me yours!


have an awesome tuesday/friday of last week!



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