So close!

Kendall was only 13 days away from her longest “not in the hospital” streak ever.

And it ended today.

She is doing pretty good right now. She isn’t in distress,she  is breathing on her own, no oxygen. But she is just…..something. She is choking on her bottles, and then puking up most of what she chokes down. Then she spends about 2 hours breathing really raspily and “junky”, and then she’s fine for an hour before starting the process all over again. This morning I was just very panicky over it, and that was exacerbated when i called her ped for assurance that i was overreacting and she said we needed to go to ER immediately for a stat chest Xray. Nice. Not quite the direction I was looking to head.

So i called Dr. A for a second opinion, and he said, put her NG tube back in, and get here immediately.

So we did.

And here we are.

And they are poking my child and inserting tubes into her and she is screaming and i can’t touch her.

But i think we are in the best place for her. for right now. this is so hard hearing her screams and knowing this is what she needs…this is the hardest part of being kendall’s mom. i am fighting back the tears but i have to be strong for her for just a few more minutes. she has had all her vials of blood drawn, gotten her first breathing treatment, and now we just have to fight through getting her tube dropped and then its time for sleep. they don’t have her exact formula though so we have to go back on the neocate for tonite, which we know will make her break out in hives and possibly have a little respiratory distress. if the tube feeding doesn’t work to get her more hydrated she is going to Iv fluids. that will be way too much fun to handle, having them place an IV.

so tonite i don’t have much to say, other than we covet your prayers. maybe this admission will bring us closer to answers. maybe this time we’ll have a name for this mystery THING that plagues her.

wow – she’s really pissed off.

hopefully she sleeps finally.

hopefully the pharmacy sends up benadryl soon.

and if anyone has a spare mac charger and/or iphone/ipod charger they want to swing on by LG, let me know!!! 😛



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  1. All this and you still got Kealey to scrapbooking! Oh Terra, I am praying every night for all of you! Like you said, fingers crossed this is the time they figure it all out! Sorry, can’t help you with the chargers, maybe your electronics will surprise you with extra long juice! Another round of prayers headed your way!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. We will pray extra hard for little Kendall in addition to our normal prayers. How are things at home? Is Ben home? Are the girls okay? Madison said she can’t wait to babysit for Kaylen again, so let me know if you need anything?
    Praying for you all,
    Faith 🙂

  3. Kendall is so blessed to have a strong Mom who puts baby’s needs before your own comfort. Love and prayers!

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