snowblindess in cats

Is becoming a rampant problem.

It is also annoying in adults when the crazy sheets of ice you now have to drive on that used to be roads are reflecting the three hours of sunlight you get in the freezing cold. That sentence made no sense. Anyways. It’s cold and bright and shiny and hard to drive around in. But really, I’m not complaining. Just stating facts.

november 2009 020blog Anyways – so its been a few days! And actually, in rare fashion, its been a pretty quiet few days!

We went on Thursday to get Kendall’s bracing casts made. It was actually very interesting to see how they do it – Kendall thought so too as she was so distracted by everything going on that she forgot to be freaked out that her bare feet were being touched! She had little mini casts put on both legs up past her knees, they let them dry and harden, and then they cut them off. We go pick them up the morning of christmas eve. What a great Christmas present for her! I, of course, would wish that she would be able to have the strength on her own to not need braces.november 2009 023blog But she does, so I will be excited for her to get her new “magic shoes”. And I will put them on her when she doesn’t want them on, and I will work with her therapists to continue strengthening and building up the muscles in her little body that she needs to use in order to stand on her own, and someday, take steps on her own. I am excited for her for what the braces will mean, and lead to – if i can’t be excited about needing braces in the first place.  We are hoping and praying that our insurance company will cover a large part of the cost of these, and that the billing gets submitted for 2009 – but really, thank God for insurance anyways, even if they don’t always pay for everything the way we hope they would.

blog6 In other news, we’ve been dealing with the reality that K1 is maybe not handling things as well as we had been thinking. Nothing bad or crazy – just some unsettling disturbances to the normally very calm cool collected and in charge Kealey that we all know. I can only lift her up to the Lord in prayer at this point, praying that her little heart is protected and healed and restored from the chaos of this year, and the implications it may have on years to come. She is just still learning how to process the emotions that I think she has kept bottled up inside since kendall was born. As some of this is coming out now, I have looked back at all that she has gone through in the past year, and I realized that  from the very first pictures we have of the family altogether, blog7 kealey has been dealing with emotions, and having to shove them down inside somewhere because she has had to hold it together for her sisters. Or for me. Or for whomever she happens to be around that she is trying to please. She is such a good little girl, so amazing and strong. It hurts to see her having to carry around sadness and pain. i just want to help her let it all out, and feel helpless about how to do it. I am sure that she gets so much of this from me, and my reliance on her as my helper, as well as my own personality flaws (inability to ask for help much – anyone? anyone?)

So it’s been just a wear-me-out week. I am hopeful that we will have some good family recuperation time this weekend. I can’t say that we’ll brave any shopping time together like I kind of hope for – but I think we’ll have some good times together. Maybe more movies, more hot chocolate, more whipped cream.

I have a little more shopping left to do, some crafts to complete (if I can work up the courage to go sit in the basement where my craft stuff is when its like 89 degrees below freezing down there), attempt to finally make some of my holiday baking faves, and in general, get the holiday spirit pumped up around here!


Hope you have a great weekend, wherever your plans take you!



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  1. good morning. I am having much the same dilemma regarding christmas and plans and spirit. Kealey is so precious. Oh, and did i blink and miss the new blog look?

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