Send me on my way.

YAY! discharge orders are in process for us! We’ll be home tonite in our own beds! Showering in my own full size shower, using 2-ply toilet paper again, eating non-starchy REAL FOOD! I cannot wait!

Her pneumonia improved drastically from Monday, probably due to the horse doses of antibiotics, steroids, and nebulizer meds – but whatever – she can breathe now so we’re headed home! Once again we have no clear answers. Her immune levels are “borderline”, but nothing drastic enough to make them say THIS is the problem. Her protein levels are “borderline”, but not enough to make them say – ok we found it! I think at least we are headed in the right direction. Up until today, her weight was steadily climbing. For no reason she has lost a couple ounces again, but this is kind of just how it is with Kendall. No definable pattern, other than a completely unpredictable pattern!

I think I am becoming more ok with not having an answer. My biggest struggle right now is accepting that we may just have a lot of inpatient stays while Kendall gets every virus and bug floating in the air. i want them to FIX THAT. Promise me it won’t happen, tell me she’ll be able to fight off a cold like a normal kid, i don’t even care if its completely false hope at this point – but i want a doctor to look me in the eye and say, no, i don’t believe we’ll see her back here for a LOOOOOOOOONNNNGGG time, if ever. Dr. Aljadeff couldn’t tell me that this morning. He said, in his wonderful almost impossible to understand accent, “Vell. Ve jooost haf to be VEEEEDDDDY carefool vis dis child.” (Translation: we just have to be very careful with this child.) Real world translation: Yeah you’ll more than likely be inpatient again next time she gets a bad upper respiratory infection of any kind –but we’re going to do our darndest to make sure that isn’t for at least a few months.

I guess I can take that.

i guess I’ll have to.

I should start packing. But I hate the waiting game you play when you’re waiting for discharge papers. Its a lot of hurry up and wait. I think that when I first told Ben i would just surprise the girls by coming home by myself, I wasn’t clearly thinking of how the logistics of this would work. I have 2 suitcases, a diaper bag, a pillow, 2 or 3 bags of all her medical stuff, and oh yeah, the baby. No car seat, no stroller, and my car is parked across the street. I have no idea how cold it is outside, but I am betting it isn’t near the 60 degrees it was when we walked in on Monday morning, so I have no coat or covering for either of us. So… I should maybe do some planning on that end.

But i’ll leave you with this bit of encouragement.

It’s a little shaky, sorry. I was doing the best I could to support a floppy baby AND film at the same time. You get the picture. She’s getting stronger by the day. Get a little therapy in this kid and she’ll take off.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend – thanks for praying!

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  1. i loved her little video clip, she is precious!!! I also loved trying to read outloud what your doctor told you!! LOL I was like “Veeeeedy Carfool”…all talking to myself. 🙂
    Love you girl, keeping you all in my prayers for an uneventful week.

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