(ok who am I kidding. It’s actually sunday but I am battling that stupid calendar over there to the right so I am gonna post DANGIT.)

and here you go –

Saturday eye-candy.


From the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago:


blog7  blog8Kaylen wants me to put:

Dat was me widing onda ho-wa-see {horsie}. And I yiked dat ho-wa-see. And I wasn’t scared of him cause he was a nice ho-wa-see. He sang me a song like dis – {insert inaudible clicking and la-la type noises here}.” (and just for the record – I did NOT hear the horsie singing.)


*I also just wanted to add a note about the above picture. I love it. I love it because it shows her doing as good as she is doing right now. No pump, no backpack, no tubes, no wires. In a “regular” stroller, and without any braces. Because any or all of that can change from week to week, or even day to day, I love that I have this pic, this memory, of her at the pumpkin patch without all that stuff. I hope we have a lot more pics like this, because as I look back at her pics over the past year, there are so many more where she DOES have all her attachments. And even in this one, you can see how very horrible this stroller actually is for her – she’s shlumpy in it, which squishes her tummy, which squishes her lungs, which tends to freak her system out a little bit. So she doesn’t ride in this one for long distances. In fact after we got in the car from this outing, she was having a little struggle with tons of reflux/hiccups/retching, which was adding to the little bit of allergy induced, lung crushing breathing issues she was having – and I am pretty sure she slept like a LOG once we got home.

But at least we have this picture!*

I have no idea why i have none of karissa at the pumpkin patch. Probably because she is perpetually wandering off or spending 27 minutes trying to get her shoes back on while the rest of us have long since moved on. God bless that child – she will need a very very very patient husband someday. Not unlike myself.

but I did get an extra one of her doing her dance facials. I do not know where she gets this stuff from.



so – now I have to go hurry up and do my real Sunday housework/cleanup stuff so I can do a proper week wrap-up for TODAY’s real post, Which is sunday. not saturday. but this post will be dated like saturday. which was still daylight savings time. which has ended today. i mean yesterday.

ok i am confusing myself.

peace out homeslices.


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