Rounding 3rd…

And barrelling towards HOME!!!

This will be just a quick update to let you all know that head honcho doc (the attending) has signed off on the papers! We are waiting for her antibiotics to finish running on this pump, and then we will switch her over to our pump, get her dressed, and off we will go! Ben has already been by to help me make one very loaded trip to the car with all of our stuff, so we have just a few things to try to get out the door with.

They are running the flush right now as we speak (the end part to the antibiotics), and our nurse is gathering up all of our paperwork, prescriptions and supplies we will need from here to run stuff till we get home.

It has been a long long week.

I cannot wait to pull into our driveway, with my happy healthy baby safely in her carseat behind me. I will run inside and hug my other babies who will all want to jump on me at once. And my arms will be full and my heart will be full. And then my washer will be full because we have a LOT of laundry. And unpacking. And reorganizing.

But we have survived. And we will continue to survive.

Thank you for praying.

I cannot wait to post an update later from HOME!!!!!!!!

love –

terra and kendall – SUPER anxious to bust on outta the big house!

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  1. SOOOOO HAPPY for you all! Love on your kids and forget the laundry for a night or so. It will always be there once you have had time to reconnect!

  2. In awe of your strength and love for Kendall. It is not an easy journey, and your family is in my prayers. Very glad you are home.

    This is a song that has helped me through some difficult times, don’t know if you have ever heard it before.

    If you are at Children’s and need anything, email me. I’ve lived in Milwaukee my entire life, and will help you out however I can.