Random randomness.

We haven’t heard one of these in a long time, hey? Terra’s random vents about random things that are randomly annoying!

  1. STOOOOOOOPIDDDDDD People who shop at Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. Seriously. They put big black and white arrows on the floor to direct traffic for a reason. No, you are not special enough to walk backwards against that flow through the whole store. No, your bratty son blocking the entire pathway with his fit is NOT cute. No, you are not the first person to discover the coolness of the cheap picture frames (but thanks for yelling loud enough to let the entire store THINK that you just might be that person!) And finally, if the words “self-checkout” intimidate you in the least little bit – please don’t stand in that line dinging the little alarm bell every item you need to scan.


It annoys me how addictive both “webkinz arcade” games and Facebook’s Bejewled Blitz games are. I am not smart enough to figure them out, but it annoys me that I can’t BEAT the games, so I continue to play them hoping that at some point I will have a brain breakthrough. I convince myself that I am creating new pathways in the part of my brain which resists all attempts to learn mathematical concepts though, so it’s all good. I sometimes fall asleep dreaming of bejeweled patterns though, silently cursing myself for not seeing the four-jewel pattern before clicking for a three-jewel one. Holla atcha-girl if you have any idea what i mean…

Ear itchiness. I think it may be like sinus drainage, but sometimes my ears get SO frackin’ itchy i swear i would stick a loofah down there and just yank it back and forth sometimes if i could get one to fit.

Pop-Tarts. Not so much the food themselves, but the way my children have to eat them. Broken up into about 238 pieces. they try to split them into “outsides” and “insides” – kealey likes the crusty parts, and karissa likes the frostingy parts. For some unknown reason, this can only be accomplished by crushing them up. Can someone please hook a sister up with some kind of magical pop-tart cutter?

Feeding pump alarms. i realize this is a very select few of you who can relate. But its still super duper annoying to be woken up out of a nice REM cycle with the shrill beeping for NO REASON. It makes me want to throw the pump out of the window. I am having a come to jesus talk with it tonite. Hopefully it was a bad bag.

The purple/pinkish crap that NFL teams wear for Sunday Nite football. I am ALL for Breast Cancer Awareness, i love all things pink, and magenta for that matter, and I think its for a great cause. But it grates on my nerves for some reason to see all that pink – shoelaces, athletic tape, gloves, knee braces,towels, waterbottles, poopyfump tiebacks – ENOUGH! it hurts my eyes. they don’t know where to rest. And I guess i COULD go in the other room, but I like to pretend Ben and I are sharing quality time watching the Bears game…

Mcdonalds’ that can’t get their ice cream machine act together. I swear the McD’s by us has its ice cream machine out at LEAST once a week. Not that I visit it that often or anything…

Getting all prepared for a nice productive morning, getting out the door early enough to BE productive, having no kids which = AUTOMATIC productivity…and realizing you forgot the office keys/computer/files on which you needed to work. Awesome.

Kaylen’s current obsession with the movie Wall-E. It’s cute. It’s not that annoying in and of itself. once. MAYYYYBEEE once a week even. Ten times a day – notsocute. Kaylen, however, is pretty darn cute. She will search relentlessly for the “moke” (remote), bring it to me and say “wan’ washit walle foofee peeeeeeeze mommy”, while signing please (aka, beating her chest). Translation: I want to watch the WallE movie again please mommy!

Having 4903 (approximately) things to do, and feeling ZERO motivation to do any of them because if you can’t FINISH your list, why  start it?

And finally – starting a blog post and forgetting what the point of it was…

maybe i just never had a point with this one.


and i guess that’s ok!

got a whole slew of backlogged posts to get up! got to fill in all those October days on the calendar!


peace out –


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  1. I can holla atchagirl about the ridiculous games on Webkinz. I have yet to venture on the fb games, but I used to dream about the game Get Eleven Solataire. You find combos of eleven and it would haunt me for hours afterward!

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