random randomness part 2

ok as a followup to the “things that annoy me” randomness, I should bring it back to a little positivity, no? (or should i say yes..)

  1. Survivor. I love that it’s fall, and that my show is on, and it gives me something to look forward to.

      Fall decorations.  something about pumpkins, haybales, and beautiful fall wreaths makes me happy inside.

Pumpkin flavored….anything. Lattes, creamer, bread, cake, pancakes. Yes I have hit pumpkin overload and i LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! It means fall is here. I don’t know why i am so attached to fall/pumpkin things. but they make me happy in a way i can’t put into words.

similarly – my new fall tarts make me happy. They make the house SMELL like fall-y type things. If you do not own a tart burner, go buy one now. then load up with little tarts that smell like fall-y things. you will be happy, and your happiness will multiply. yes, this is so. trust me.

  1. this new frosting in a  can from…i do’nt know whatever the blue company is – pillsbury? It is heaven sent. Frosted a cake in like a minute and had leftover to spread over oreos/graham crackers/my finger/anythingKidstown 2009 Krew party 032 else i felt like. it was SO GOOD! Go buy some now. Especially if you weigh anywhere under 180 lbs. Trust me, you can afford the calories. It is THAT GOOD!!!

hearing Ben laugh hysterically at The Office. Most specifically the wedding episode. When they’re dancing down the aisle and dwight kicks the bridesmaid in the face. he laughs like that at only a few things, and every single time he does, i swear it makes me laugh just to hear him. Good times.

Getting huge things crossed off my to do list. I know this is the antithesis of my last random post – things that annoy me – when i complained about not being able to complete my list. But every once in a while, I’ll get the oomph up to complete a big project, and it feels SO GOOD when i do!

And finally –

seeing this little girl finally have good enough nutrition to have enough hair to put in a ponytail! It only took 11 months! (which is blog1 about ten and a half months more than it took for any of her sisters to have ponytails!)


There’s a lot more to this list – but I’ll have to do another post on it soon. For now I have about six more posts to catch up on!



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