Random bullet points.

That’s how my brain is working today. But if you really must know…

Here’s my “to-do”/plan for/what I’m working on today list:

  • I need a springy wreath. Not springy like bouncy but springy like “makes me think of the spring season”. If you see or know of any – link me up! In my crazy “start four million projects by hand that never get finished” way, I am tempted to try to make one. But either way – the winter icicle one I still have up has GOT. TO. GO.
  • We are in the process of switching Kendall’s supply company over to an amazing new company – but this requires lots of phone calls, going through current supplies, setting up appointments with new nurses, etc. This ate most of my day yesterday. But it will be so awesome when the transfer is complete (by next week hopefully!) (And yes, I do realize how geeky of me it is to be excited about medical supplies. such has become my life.)
  • Taking Kaylen to preschool.January 2011 010
  • Kendall has two therapies, both of whom need to do their annual review. This requires ME answering a lot of questions and helping the therapists write their final reports. I am not even going to get into the emotional havoc of what this review will be like (we will start determining what level of services kendall will need beyond our county’s Early Intervention (birth – 3) program. For now, I just have to answer questions and get through therapy today.
  • I need to get two packages packed up for friends so I can get the boxes and bags off of my desk so I can clean that up. (I think this is technically like ten items wrapped up in one bullet point but who’s counting…)
  • I have to call about three doctor’s offices who insist on billing our old insurance and then sending ME nasty grams when they aren’t getting paid. I have made these calls at least three times prior to this. Incompetence is frustrating.
  • I have to pick up the girls from school and take them to dance.
  • Trying to find Karissa’s dance jacket that she has lost for the eleventy-billionth time. And keep my frustration level to a minimum while doing so.
  • I need coffee.
  • chase Kendall (who is not in the least bit bothered by the 5 lines and tubes she has coming off of her body attached to various pumps and bags) around the house while trying to keep her from snagging one of the wires on something or falling  and yanking on one of them. Mostly the one that could cause her to bleed out in a matter of seconds if she yanks it out. I am seriously ready to duct tape her Broviac to her skin. Hoping our new company has some awesome new super sticky without causing tape allergy ideas on how to keep things where they should be.
  • I need new makeup. I think this is part of the itch for all things springy. Is it Clinique bonus week anywhere?
  • I need a job. Preferably one where I get paid to do all of the above items because i am not sure that I have enough room in my day for anything else.
  • I need to find a place to hang my cool new super huge calendar. this will probably mean rearranging wallspace in my officey type area. Again refer to item above “clearing off my desk”.
  • There are about eleventyhundred things I still need to do for the blog. Which is fun. but I have to read tutorials for everything I do cause while I can read a set of labs and tell you if my kid’s going acidotic, I cannot read or code HTML at all.
  • Ok I have to go drop off Kaylen now. at least I get to check one thing off my list!

Please pray for one of our little mito friends Melanie. She is in the PICU fighting for her life in a very touch and go battle. I will link to her caringbridge site this afternoon.

Thank you all who so faithfully pray for our family every day also. We are slowly coming out from under a very crazy month, and very much looking forward to warmer weather and better days ahead!



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  1. Hey, sounds liek a crazy month. I need to do alot of the stuffo n your list too… i just need to do it all. lol! if only. Here in cali, you get paid to be your daughter’s caretaker. It’s like having a minimum wage full time job… cuz it really is a full time job, but shouldn’t be minimum wage! her care takes up my entire day.