Preschool, Kloutperks, and Sushi.

what do these things have in common? Besides the fact that there is an S in every word.

They are all part of this week’s Insta-Friday, of course!

Since I am about eleventy-hundred blog posts behind, and I got some real doozy long ones coming up, let’s keep this one rather short, sweet and to the point, mmmmmkkkk???

Dance Team Tryouts were last weekend. i spent a few hours bedazzling and glittering up t-shirts. Still peeling glue off my fingers. Love seeing my little girls get so excited over some fake rhinestones and glitter though! (and we find out next weekend what, if any, teams they made!)

Monday nite is sister nite. Believe it or not, i got all this awesomeness at the Walgreens. yes. sushi at the walgreens. I know. I about passed out from excitement myself! And while it may at first seem a little stomach churning to think about spicy sushi being consumed at the same time as coconut m&m’s AND coffee/milk in a can – i promise it works. At least, it makes me super giddy to the point where my sister and i have a ton of fun. And that’s kind of the point!

The simple joys. swinging at the park on one of the last truly warm days of “summer”.

You know the story behind this one! Kaylens first day of preschool was on Wednesday. So proud of my big girl!

FOOD!!! On Thursday I got my first “Kloutperk” in the mail – its a marketing scheme that’s hard to explain, but anyways, i got a coupon for a Subway sandwich! And then i had to go celebrate the one year anniversary of Chick-Fil-A being in our town. Well, not OUR town, but there IS one that’s rumored to be built in our town very soon!

and this is what happens after a week of trying to push a gut to function that doesn’t want to work! Kendall could only tolerate being on feeds if she was mostly upright (which she was only wanting to lay on the couch) – so she had to sit in her bed, head raised up, hooked up to oxygen. Her awesome sister climbed into her bed with her to keep her company while we finished shoving food in. I love their relationship. most days.


And that is a quick wrap up to our week.


thanks for checking in!



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