Not quite as fun to say as feces, but a close second. You have to emphasize the second C. PICC. PICC. PICC.

Kendall was just taken away from us to have her PICC line inserted. And yes it really is purple like that picture! I took a picture of the one the nurse used to explain her procedure but flickr ate it. So in an effort to distract myself from crying my eyes out at the emotionalness of them wheeling my little baby away in her big crib to get sedated and have all her little veins poked with a wire and an ultrasound – I am blogging. You know, what else are ya gonna do right???

So today they are placing this central line so that Kendall can continue to receive her antibiotics for her urosepsis infection. It’s a very scary procedure to me – that will have the benefits of keeping her from blowing out her IV’s every other day, plus she will be more likely to be released to home health care with us with the PICC line in. I think it was the right decision given the factors we have right now. 2 more weeks of keeping her in the hospital to receive these meds is not appealing to any of us.  So i pray the blood of our Lord Jesus over her and those doctors in the room right now and that her veins would be open and easy to find and it’s a quick procedure.  And that it can stay in her arm. If they can’t find an arm vein, they have to stick it in her jugular. Has anyone seen any baby turtleneck onesies?!?!? I do not know how i will handle having this large IV port sticking out of my child’s neck. But if I have to, I am sure God will provide the strength needed at that time.

So here we sit and wait. I am distracted by good friends emailing/facebooking/IMing with me to keep my mind off things.  I really am trying to not hyperventilate as we hit the 45 minute mark. They must be having a hard time with her teeny little veins. And i cry out to God to please let something go smoothly for her. I cannot think of all she has been through in one crazy week.

Last nite when I got to go home, I went upstairs to go to bed. and In the corner was the nebulizer machine, and all the things I had been trying to give her last Tuesday trying to calm her down and get her to breathe and sleep and stop coughing and all these emotions just HIT ME like a ton of bricks as I saw that all and I thought – what would have happened to her if I had kept fighting that battle myself? What if Emily had not encouraged me to call the doctor? what if  the doctor had dismissed my concerns over the phone? what if Dr Natalie had not come on duty last Thursday morning after Kendall’s horrible nite at Rush? But i cannot think like that, I know that. It still is scary when my mind goes back there. I really believe she was not long for this world last week.

You know what her doctor’s first name is? Gabriel. 

And he really is our angel.  God has saved this child for a special purpose, and I am so excited to see what it is. Not that all children don’t have a special purpose – but for some reason, I think Kendall’s is going to be quite unique based on her circumstances.

They just came in from the OR to tell us they got the PICC in. Praise God! It’s in her arm – no jugular necessary!

I am going to post this so those waiting for the update will get it – then come back and edit more later!



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  1. Oh Terra, this all literally makes me sick. You might remember when Mark was sick and he had to go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital for some stuff. I will NEVER forget waiting for his surgery and seeing all of the children waiting for different things. It made me sick then to think of a child going through something that was hard for an adult to go through. Now that I have my own babies, I just can’t even imagine. We always see our job as protecting our baby, and the thought that you have to allow Kendall to be hurt for the better good is gut wrenching.
    I know that there isn’t a lot to say to make you feel better right now. My mom told me one time to take it one day at a time. You know that you can get through today. God must think a LOT of you and Ben, since we know he only gives us what we can handle!
    We are praying for you guys! Love you-
    PS. I think Kendall looks just like Kealey!

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