No Towels…Need Sleepy…

Holy Lord i did not think it was possible to be ANY more tired than i was. It has been taken to a whole new level now though. I actualy have developed an eye twitch due to lack of sleep. Last nite she i swear to you was awake ALLLL friggggggginnnnn nite longggggg….

Tonite – for added fun – i get to wake the munchkins BACK up at 11 to drive down to the ghetto of chi-town to pick my goddaughter up from the airport. She is staying with us for two weeks. Now if she manages to ever be awake at all during her trip, i might get some cool free babysitting out of this!! But needless to say, tonite and the ensuing day tomorrow will not be much fun. Even less fun if this friggin sinus headache doesn’t ever leave. How many cups of caffeine does it take to get rid of a sinus headache? we’ll see. of course throw in the overdose on alka-seltzer sinus and the odd zyrtec here and there and it should be in just a shade under 12 hours.

Not much else going on today. I am so sporadic with these posts.


I will say – good laugh for the day last week – checking blog stats seeing that someone came here from searching “how to stay calm while pooping”. I laughed SO hard at that.

a.) because WHO needs to google that? you just do it, its a bodily function, the end!

b.) because they got taken to my labor story. HOpe they found what they were looking for!

c.) just cause that is hilarious period!


Ugggghhhhh – this headache is killing me. I need to go make more coffee and get kealey grace ready for the bus. Thinking i may plunk the change down for a new mobile for kaylen too today. I had this tiny love symphony one for kealey (who managed to destroy it before she was 6 months old by grabbing it and holding it in place cause the clicking sound was funnier to her than the music), but up to that point, it just mesmerized her. i need something to entertain kaylen when she isn’t in my arms, which feels like its 24-7. 

Crap she’s up again. And i haven’t properly medicated myself.

In other news – we did start her on a new reflux med which for three blessed nites seemed to work. She’s always a horrible sleeper on the nites ben is out of town…WHHHHYYYYYYYYY? the baby gods hate me.

So anyways – i will update more later on how things are going with the new meds and what is working and what isn’t…but for now i gotta go mix up some alka-seltzer to drown my sorrows in.

peace out homeslices.

Just Checkin

DSC_0050 To see what happens with all my hella cool formatting when i jack with the website too much and kill it.

WHY OH WHY did i go with the cross-cultural studies degree instead of superwebnerdery4000 like my bro?


I coulda been the next bill gates.


or not.

a little recipe I like to call "DISASTER"



1200 keyed up students on the first day of school

5 minutes before school is supposed to get out

3 huge thunderstorms about to converge

1 tornado touching down in front of the school

800 crazed soccer moms in their minivans rushing to the school to pick up their children


Mix all that together, bake in a 95 degree oven at 115% humidity for half an hour – and there you have it.


a nice batch of CHAOS.


I will say – i was PLEASANTLY surprised by the efficiency of our school’s admin and staff. It had to be crazy with all the parents rushing into the school to get their kids, yanking them off buses, the poor kindergartners scared crapless with their butts in the air, heads between their arms, heads down in the hallways, all the storm sirens going off, the police cars blocking the exits, blah blah blah. Thank God Ben had the good sense to take the whole day off to deal with me being the emotional wreck that I already was  – I would have been beating down the doors to get to my baby if he hadn’t been there to keep me calm.

The final bus left the school at 4:35 I guess, an hour after school got out. Total craziness.myschool

Crazier than that  – i actually watched the “tornado” touch down. It was a dust devil. I have seen worse while driving across E. Washington to Moses Hole for work. It was cool to watch – but it was not worth all the craziness it caused. I will say that it going totally dark and having lightning hit about ten feet away from our car made for a cool summer storm. It continued all nite. and we’re supposedly in for more today. I love crazy storms, when I am home safe with my family. since we had no TV last nite we had a fun family nite on the front porch and then just playing games inside. Kinda nice. We rarely take the time for that sort of thing and I am glad we did it.

Today we went to the chiro office for kaylen where she got a great adjustment and hopefully it lasts her through the weekend. Had a WICKED episode of the reflux last nite – to the point where it scared me to death – she was just like ejecting every bit of fluid from her whole body out of any available hole in her head – i swear to you it was coming out her EYES…and it soaked EVERYTHING in about a three foot radius. Gross. So – praying that that resolves itself soon.


So….I have been hearing from people that they VISIT this blog – but YOU NEVER LEAVE COMMENTS!!! Thank God my friend Melanie loves me. She makes me smile with her faithful comments. don’t make me stalk you through my backend site counter. I am a wicked webmaster you know – i got SKILLZ. I can see who you are and where you log on from.Just play nice and leave a comment or something. Tell me i suck at writing, tell me my pictures are gay, i don’t care. Faith, you’re excused since you just recently joined the 20th century, i do’nt want you to blow a gasket trying to figure out too much all at once…but the rest of you have no excuse.

Ok rant over.retro


blah blah blah…

I feel like i have so much i want to talk about and just not enough time or strength left in my fingers. Plus I think I have real work to do.

I’ll be back later to bore you al with more mundane details about my life.





My Heart Will Go on

Dear Baby Girl –


Tomorrow is a big day. Three years ago on this day I held you in my arms as you cried and cried, watching your friends from the neighborhood climb aboard the big magical schoolbus to whisk them away to a whole other world. You just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t go also. And it hurt me to have you cry like that, so i held you and tried to explain to you that someday it would be your turn. and I knew, even then, that on that day it would be ME crying, while you climbed aboard the big magical schoolbus, whisking you away into the world, forever out of the safety of my arms.

Tomorrow you will put on your brand new beautiful polka dot dress, and your new school shoes, and heft your Tinkerbell backpack onto your tiny little shoulders, and you will walk away from me, into the world. No longer will we enjoy long lazy days of cartoons and Baby Story, snacks and lunchtimes, naptime and funtime.

 For five and a half years I have had you all to myself, with hardly a day passing that you weren’t right by my side.

 For five and a half years I have been able to protect you – from mean people and kids who will laugh at you, and bad days, and tough calls.

For five and a half years you have been my constant companion, my baby, my student and my teacher. We learned together what it was like to be mom and baby. You let me make mistakes, and you forgave me, and taught me to be the mommy I am today.

What will I do without you all day? You are my helper, the one who makes me laugh when I am sad, my strength when I have none, and usually the REASON i have none. We butt heads, and we hold hands.


Tomorrow you will be hardly able to contain your excitement, and I will be hardly able to contain my tears. Don’t get me wrong – I am so happy for you baby girl – to be starting out on this journey into life. But i realize that never again will you be all mine.


Tomorrow you will enter the world. I hope its ready for you. I hope you’re ready for it.


World- I hope you realize the beautiful gift you are receiving tomorrow – this precious little girl with a heart so good and pure it will bring you to tears. A beautiful little girl with a gap-toothed smile, and these huge beautiful eyes that crinkle up and sparkle when she giggles, and oh that giggle.

 If you could hear her laugh at something silly her sister has done, or at a joke I have told her…there would be no sadness left in you. She has this infectious laugh that I can only hope the world gets to hear. And she’s so smart…wise beyond her years truly.

 No she may not remember her address or her teacher’s name yet, and she is still working on being able to spell her last name, but she knows just when to come give me a hug on blue days. She knows special ways of making her sister laugh, and just how to hold her baby sissy when she’s feeling fussy.

She knows how to climb up on the counter to get snacks for her and her sister, and she can fold a mean basket of laundry. She’s strong too. She’s such a good helper and I do’nt know how I am going to make it through the day without her.

so little girl of mine – put on your pretty new dress and your cute new shoes. We’ll do your hair pretty and get your backpack. And I will try to not embarrass you with my tears as I walk you into school and hand you over to your teacher, entrusting her with my most prized possession. You. My jewel. My baby.


I love you so much.


i hope you have a wonderful, amazing, oh-so-fun first day of school.





The Walking Dead

mfenwick_pomquirky_s mfenwick_pomquirky_u mfenwick_pomquirky_p

Trying to get stuff done today – but kaylen is really not having any part of that.


I have at least gotten the vacuuming done, and three loads of laundry folded and put away. Now to just finish the floors, the dishwasher, and start on the bathrooms.

Kaylen’s meds are definitely helping, but she is still adjusting to them, and her system is still trying to work out the kinks. At least most of the Painful Screaming is gone – and i don’t get that look of desperation from her. She seems to be more comfortable throughout the day and is now trying to interact a little more with the world around her instead of spending every waking minute crying. So – we’re all slowly adjusting. I miss my Coke’s every day. And chocolate. And spicy food.

Ok once again i am not watching the time. We have to leave to go to the chiro’s office. Note to self: blog about the pigeon living in our garage, the tornado that hit near home last nite, karissa’s fever, the hospital bill, and back to school shopping questions.

it IS possible…

To survive on about 20 minutes of sleep a night apparently! Survive being the key word. Not function, not speak coherently, not be dressed in a matching outfit…just….survive. But at least we are surviving.  I figured this would be the hardest part – getting used to this whole, lack of schedule, being dictated by a wriggling little 6 and a half pound ball of demands, not really having a rhyme or reason to life thing – especially after having a pretty portable and self sufficient 3 and 5 year old. We are adjusting pretty well though. Ben is on his second week gone, and we did it all by ourselves this week just fine. Even in SPITE of Kaylen suddenly turning into this TOTALLY crazy baby.


I have no idea what happened, but starting right after she turned a week old, she has started going downhill. Getting fussier by the day, harder to feed, sleeping less and less with each day and night that passes…I started to suspect she might have reflux, but then worried that the Ped would just try to put me off, saying, oh, she’s colicky, she’ll grow out of it. Kealey was colicky. i know colic. I can deal with colic. This was getting CRAZY. i mean, top of her lungs SCREAMING in pain, almost to the point of passing out, every time she ate, and then for an hour or so afterwards. And that’s AFTER i spent 20 minutes trying to get her to latch on. Then the only thing that would calm her back down after that hour of screaming was more nursing. So we had our 2 week checkup yesterday and the FIRST thing out the ped’s mouth when i tell  her how DSC_0068 kaylen’s been acting is – “sounds like a refluxer!” So we started meds last nite and maybe its just the placebo effect, but I got more than an hour of sleep (three whole hours!), so for now, the meds are working! Sometimes just knowing what the problem is, or at least having your mommy instinct validated, makes such a huge difference. I can attack this now with all I have, to fix her, to stop the pain, or at least make it more bearable for her.

She hasn’t really smiled or interacted with us much, cause she spends basically every waking minute in bad pain – so hopefully now that we can help control the pain for her, she’ll start to perk up. today already she seems to be really studying our faces more, which is an exciting thing – just that the medicine seems to be helping, and my small changes are already making a difference. Well, not so small to me…as part of helping Kaylen lessen her refluxing episodes, we have to find her trigger foods. Which means my new diet consists of……


Brown Rice



And yes that’s pretty much it. Some iceberg lettuce every once in a while for variety if i’m feeling real daring…but otherwise yeah. Eliminating EVERYTHING. And then SLOWLY adding it back in once we have her stabilized on her medication dosage. Now i am not normally one of those lucky lucky women who lose weight while breastfeeding. No no, my body doesn’t use its current fat stores to produce milk. It wants NEW fat to make milk from. Lucky me…

although, the drastic drop of 15 lbs i usually see once I wean my babies is nice! But anyways – if i STILL don’t lose weight cutting out all this crap i normally eat, i will be HIGHLY upset!!! Seriously though, if it helps make Kay-kay happier, it will be worth it. And i am quite sure I need to cut out a lot of the stuff I currently indulge in anyways, for my own health. But MAN just the thought of it is hard. I know this is horrible, but I have one of the XL $.89 cent cokes from McD’s almost every day. They make me happy! i LOVE mcD’s coke. It has its own special flavor. And come on – i can get one with the spare change in my ashtray!!! But I have a sneaking suspicion that the coke is one of the things making kaylen feel bad. So ….farewell sweet coke. i hope to see you again very very very soon. I really don’t understand this though, I mean, Kaylen was GROWN on McD’s cokes. Its got to be like, 78% of her DNA I swear. So how can she be allergic to that which once sustained her???

Well….we’ll give this the old college try. it can’t make things any worse surely…and it can only help continue to improve things I am sure.

karissaa2 karissa6

In other news – I got a BUNCH of pics and LO’s printed at Costco today. That always makes me happy, to see my digi layouts live and in person and slip them into those album pages to flip through with my own two hands. The pics I printed are for a few hybrid projects i am wanting to get done soon. If i can ever see straight again, or if i ever get more sleep, neither of which seems like it will happen anytime in the near future. 

MAN there is so much cute digi-stuff out there lately! My paypal is all abuzz and my hard drive is groaning to keep up! I have to do an EHD dump/dvd burn like YESTERDAY. TWO 80 gig hard drives, and i still get low disk space errors…ridiculous….


uh oh. I jinxed myself. Baby’s awake now – gotta run! more to come later!

Surviving Week One

Oh my gosh i love this little peanut. She is SUCH a good baby! Has the usual newborn fussy period in the evening during which NOTHING makes her happy, but once we get through that to bedtime…awwwwww. She’s such a cuddlebug she just melts your heart and you forget why your ears are ringing from the deafening screams of a baby!! DSC_0044 i have a feeling she will be stuck with the nickname “peanut” for a long time to come. It is what everyone says about her when they see her for the first time – “oh my gosh! she’s such a little peanut!” Its true. She’s just squashable! She is slowly figuring out her schedule in life, and in the meantime, she is polite enough to give me at least 4 hours straight at nite. sometimes even TWO four-hour stretches…Truly, its more than i was getting at the end of the pregnancy so – no complaints here. What else has happened in her first week – her first train ride on the metra to pick up auntie kristin, her first scrap convention (CHA-Chicago), has been held by her sissies numerous times, and in general has just had to sort of glide on into life in the Atkinson household. DSC_0025


In other news…..oh wait. There is no other news! Life is pretty much wrapped up right now in just trying to adjust to life with a newborn! i have work up the yin-yang to catch up on, the laundry that never seems to end, the sleep i will never catch up on… but its a good life. Its been so much fun having kristin here for a few days, and today we got to meet Melanie from the DST Newsletter Staff. (Pics to come -she has to “approve” them first!!!)

SO – just a quick post. Here’s a few more pics from this week..hopefullly i’ll remember more stuff next week.

DSC_0002   DSC_0031   DSC_0047 DSC_0062


DSC_0126 These adorable shirts are from Auntie Becca. Kaylen’s shirt says “I’m the Little Sister”, and is from Memaw. They really looked adorable in all their outfits together. Lord help me I am going to go broke trying to dress THREE of them in matchy matchy! But come on – how can you resist those cute little faces?!?!?!? you can’t. So there you have it.


Ok. Baby’s sleeping finally. I am going to go attempt to do the same myself.

Two Hours


I want to write these details down before they have vanished into the vastness of my brain forever.

Thursday nite, July 12 – I think I came to the brink of death and back again. The most intense two hours, well actually just one hour of bad intensity, of my life.

so depending on how you look at it – I either had the longest labor on the planet (starting in week 32 when i started having weird contractions), or one of the shortest. Either way, 9:30 pm thursday nite laying in bed reading a Stephen King novel was my first sign of questioning that something was starting, and at 11:42 pm that same nite I was holding my baby girl, Kaylen Hope.

It started that morning when we had to wake up early to get to the ped’s office in time for Karissa’s X-rays to confirm WHAT, if anything, she had swallowed the day before, and to make sure it was not lodged somewhere bad. Of course I got the obligatory calls from the family wanting a progress check on contrax and how I was feeling and whatnot. And not a SINGLE THING. Not even my usual Braxton Hicks warm up crampy contractions in the morning like I have had for the past month and a half! I felt a little down in the dumps, but resigned to the fact that she was just going to be here in her own sweet time, and that that could be another week or so. It was hot on thursday, and as usual, I was just unmotivated to do ANYTHING. I got some work done, did the bare maintenance housework, then just watched the girls swim. I think I even got a little nap in when they did…

Anyways, I made dinner at 5:15 for us – Jambalaya from scratch, to which I added some tabasco sauce. Figured the spicy food wouldn’t hurt! We ate, cleaned up, then decided to go for a walk.  I was feeling umm, a little backed up, so I chugged a shot of castor oil, knowing at the very least I would, you know, feel SOME relief from THAT. So off on our walk we went. i remember feeling like a woman on a mission while walking, even though I really wasn’t FEELING anything. I had maybe 3 contractions the whole walk, but still, wasn’t excited about it – cause i’ve had more action before. We got home and put the girls in bed, then I decided to take a bath to relax. I got out, got ready for bed and laid down in bed to read. About three minutes later I felt a STRONG contraction, checked the time just to see, ok, i’ll see if these get  into a pattern at all. I had two more about 4 minutes apart, then had to SUDDENLY get up to run to the bathroom from one of those lovely bladder kicks. I put my hand down there (like, what did i think i could stop myself from peeing?) but noticed i was already soaked. I think the thought MIGHT have crossed my mind that my water broke, but more I was just DEPRESSED thinking I had fully lost all control of bodily function and was really in for a miserable week ahead!!! After this bathroom trip, I noticed some of that pinkish show and thought – well YAY! This might actually happen in the next day or two! So i went back to bed to read feeling very encouraged. Didn’t really have any more contractions but DID feel a horrible gas pain/pressure. Great. This must be the castor oil kicking in finally right? Nope. Nothing. I was sitting there cursing my IBS for flaring up NOW, at the end of a pregnancy! By this time it is 10:40, and on my way back to bed I just KNEW, ok its time to go. I put clothes on, got my contacts in and got my suitcase. And in that five minutes I could already not talk and barely walk down the stairs. Ben was watching TV and I muttered out through clenched teeth, suitcase in hand – “we need to go NOW”. He jumped up and got the puppies in their cage and woke up the girls and i said – pick me up on the sidewalk I have to keep walking. Called my sister (who thankfully lives two minutes away from the hospital) and again managed to only say – “meet at hospital NOW. Ben will call”.  Ben picked me up down the street from our house and we started the long painful drive to Rush. now this is normally a good twenty minute drive with minimal traffic, maybe 25 minutes. Ben is FLYING down the road. Kealey pipes up from the back – “we need gas!” (I have no idea how she remembered this from that afternoon.) Ben just about drops a swear but keeps it together. We have 21 miles left according to the car. I think the hospital is like, `18 I KNEW we would never make it if we stopped to even pump two dollars worth of gas. So we are flying down this back country road dodging traffic, ben is flashing his lights like he’s a police car or something (i was kind of in a whole other place by this time but was FORCING myself to keep my eyes open and pay attention.) I remember the girls going “daddy, you’re driving very fast!!!” with their wide little eyes, fresh from being woken out of a dead sleep! I just kept saying the signs on the side of the road to myself – “Denmark 2, not your average bookstore”, ” We are MOOOOOOOVING!!! Four Winds Church Plainfield”, “Premier Gymnastics, sign up now for fall”….these are the wierd things that stuck in my head. i remember that my legs started shaking as we ran the red light to turn into the parking lot, and i thought, hmm. i wonder if i am in transition – but then tried to not think that positivly cause i was REALLY just hoping to be at LEAST a 3-4 cm when i got in. we go around to women’s health and THANK GOD a dr was out smoking and let us in. if we had had to go around to ER, i would have delivered on the floor. As it was, we had to park in handicap, lock the girls in the car, and ben had to walk me up the stairs to the L&D unit, i cannot describe how long of a walk that is when you are contracting hard. then of course we had to register. I couldn’t talk and just kept pacing in circles trying to keep my mind off the overwhelming pain. we got into a room, ben went to go get the girls and park the car and find my sister, and they wanted me to put on a gown. I was like – if i take off my pants I think i will pee on the floor. (obviously delirious with pain.) they wanted me to lay down to monitor baby and be checked and i said – ok go fast you have one minute. The nurse checks me and frantically starts pushing the call button – “NEED HELP STAT!!! She’s a 9!!!!!” and then thank God they started doing all this STUFF in the room, setting up for delivery, you know, like getting that table full of crap together. I was just mesmerized by watching their routine and it took my mind off the pain. Well, as much as you can have your mind taken off that kind of pain. I remember my sweet, sweet nurse Suzanne trying to gently break the news to me that they would not have time to set up the tub for the water birth, nor would i be likely to get any relief from pain meds. i am like – look, I am about to poop on this bed i DO NOT GIVE A RIP about the water birth at this point!!! (CAuse seriously, i still was thinkng I just had to poop, and THEN i could be in labor.) I do’nt think i even fully grasped what it meant that I was at 9, and Ben didn’t either, cause he walked in right when she said that. So at least he made it back upstairs. They just kept asking me all these questions and were fingerprinting me – I rmember just sitting there with my hands in the air, having contractions, ben rubbing my back, having ink put on my hands for some reason and being asked if i still drank caffeine. i think my answer was something along the lines of ” ok honestly, who comes in here and says no? i’d like to meet her. of COURSE i still drink caffeine!!!”  They asked me what I wanted for pain relief, I asked for marijuana or cocaine but they said they didn’t have any left. I asked if i could have a margarita right afterwards though and they thought they could do that for me. They wanted to check me again so I laid on my side and said do it quick, and they kept wanting to monitor the baby with those strappy things and my blood pressure, but they all hurt so bad i kept ripping them off. The nurse said, look, baby is in stress i HAVE TO CHECK HER. That got through to me a little bit so i endured her at least pushing that monitor onto my belly which by this time felt like one long horrific contraction. I said ” I am GOING TO POOP NOW” and she said “GET THE DOCTOR IN HERE!!!” I think they were trying to hold me off till my midwife got there, but by that time I wouldnt have cared if Snuffleupagus had delivered me with his long snout, I just wanted that pain and pressure GONE! They said “let us help you with your legs” – I had no idea what that meant, just that it wasn’t MY LEGS that were hurtin and i told them so –  don’t need LEG help, i need pooping help! (i was OBSESSED with the poop thing by this time..) some dr ( I guess, i had no idea if she was a dr, nurse, or janitor and didn’t care) was telling me to push out my bottom and i was like “no sh*t sherlock i am pooping!!!” I remember grabbing Bens shirt behind me and yanking him down, just to counteract the intense pressure. I could tell he was in a very uncomfortable position cause he was trying to slowly move my hand, but also knew better than to try to make ME uncomfortable at that point. I must have let up for a second and he shifted and I switched to doing something else to him, i remember staring at the ceiling saying ok to something over and over again and holding on to him. I just needed to hold onto him for some connection to reality… I am really so glad he was THERE, and totally in that moment with me. I guess I was pushing at that point cause i remember the dr saying ” cord times 2″, and i knew that meant her cord was around her neck twice, and ben said” the head is out honey! you did it! now just stay calm’ and i was thinking – wait, my poop has a head? like the turtle is poking its head out???” I know this seems so weird but honestly – you have to realize, an hour before i was sitting on my own toilet trying simply to have a bowel movement and had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER that i was in labor, and still hadn’t caught up to the reality of being IN LABOR at that point! I heard someone giving me some directions to not push, which i wasn’t, it was all just my uterus doing its job at that point, but they had me reach down and pull her the rest of the way out and up onto my chest and i looked at ben like – ummm, did THAT just happen? Am i not pregnant anymore for real? And ohhhhh the immediate RELIEF!!! no more pooping feeling! apparently her perfectly round little head being sunny side up was what all the pain and pressure was.

Everything else happened in kind of a blur while i was sitting there still in shock over this teeny tiny little peanut of a baby I had just delivered about 26 minutes after getting to the hospital!

so – two hours of labor, two quick pushes, two wraps of the cord around her neck, and two stitches later – I present to you –


The band aid on her hand is from her blood culture screening. I was GBS+, so was supposed to have gotten antibiotics 4-6 hrs before delivery. Well, obviously, i didn’t get that much heads up! so she had a pretty good size blood draw done, and we are STILL in the hospital waiting for the results of that culture. We should get them tonite at 3 am, so hopefully its all good and we are discharged by 8 am. i am SO READY to go home. I feel great!

Just ready to be back to my own connection!

Here are a few more pics to leave you with – of course, bunches more to come tomorrow. I am just a teeny bit sad that this all went so fast – i have NO PICTURES of the birth or anything like that…I guess its a small price to pay for less than an hour of the most excruciating pain I have ever in my life endured.

DSC_0007 DSC_0051 DSC_0049

ANd – with that, i am spent.

I will update the pool game tomorrow!

Newfangled Technology

Newfangled Technology

Originally uploaded by

Trying to see if this will actually work to blog through flickr. I get so

frustrated by trying to post photos. Isn’t the main point of hosting my own

blog to be able to have more control over this kind of thing? One would


I cannot stop eating pickles. Ben is so helpful. He says”well duh, it means

you’re pregnant”. Thanks, Captain Obvious. I must have missed that part of

why my belly bumps into EVERYTHING and I can’t walk normal! Really though, I

don’t get the whole pickle connection. Is it the salt? The sourness? Who

knows. I can only hope they aren’t like full of a jillion calories at this

point! I am so nervous about the weight coming off after this pregnancy.

Granted, I lost all my karissa weight within about three or four weeks, but

then started having my bad healthproblems, and never really bounced back

after that. And of course, I am still working on the 70+ lbs from Kealey


But yeah. I think the key is going to be getting active again. Other than

maybe a few too many fast food trips and my Coke addiction, its not like we

eat that unhealthily. Its just a few key changes to eating, but really

focusing on exercise.

Oh yeah this is just a test post. Lemme see if I can insert pics and see

what happens.


Here is the bump last week, about 37 weeks. On my anniversary, my tenth

wedding anniversary. Which I spent with my mom and kids getting ready for

the garage sale. Oh so romantic! Bleh on the arms and thunder thighs..those

MUST go ASAP. I need a new weavecut too. It is all one length now and just


Ok – lets see if this puppy works!

Ciao bellas-


Adorable and Inspiring

Heather Ann Melzer: Photo crazed

 This is my friend Heather’s blog – she inspires me to want to a.) get this kid out already! and b.) take better pictures! She was the editor of a Scrapbooks Etc Photography book, and I get so many good tips from that – but seeing her actual pics in action is just that much more inspirational! So come on Kaylen- you better get here quick so I can stop trying to tuck your sisters into cabinets and bookshelves!!!!

Today I have to work at the Joliet Preg. Resource Center, getting ready to move into our new location. Everyone freaks out when I tell them that – but honestly – I am just going to be tucked into a chair packing files from a cabinet into a box – I am not doing heavy moving. I learned my lesson last week after all that garage sale work. Felt like a POS for about three straight days after all that packing and moving and lugging of heavy boxes, plus the fall down the stairs at o dark thirty in the morning…

anyways – trying to take it easier this week – and finding that that means a LOT of the housework isn’t getting done! I do not remember feeling this completely in pain and incompetent near the end of karissa’s pregnancy. We had JUST moved into this house, so I know i had a TON of unpacking and moving in to do, and somehow I got it all done! I just have no idea how Kaylen is laying in there but it has to be directly on a nerve. On a pain scale of 1-10, with say an 11 being the pain of labor…I walk around at about a 6 or 7 every day just from walking. I am not sure if this is going to make labor worse or better for all the pain I am already in. And today I woke up feeling like i needed a midol – just HORRIBLE PMS lately! Grouchy, crampy, achy, and wanting to eat enough carbs to fuel a small army. If only I felt like that actually MEANT something in the greater scheme of giving birth soon! But i know it could go on like this for another two weeks easily! I am hoping we don’t go much past next week – having ben home all week will be nice. well not home, but working in the chicago area versus all the traveling he has had to be gone the last three weeks. Just being a single parent for even three days wears me out – i do not know how some people do it!

I finally got my bag of stuff at least laid out (not actually packed yet) – and of course the most important thing to not forget is my laptop – so obviously i can’t pack that till the last minute! And then i am thinking just bring all three cameras, the DSLR, the P&S, and the video… can’t have TOO many memories saved!!!

speaking of saved memories – i have to upload a few new pics of Kealey losing her second tooth, and karissa with her latest shiner. Second verse same as the first. I swear my children are the epitome of “accidents waiting to happen”!!

Ok i can’t sit here for any longer – too painful to be in one position for too long! Plus, hey, why not have another bagel while I’m at it??

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