Our Week in Instagrams.

I am really liking this weekly wrap-up on Fridays, with pictures taken by my iphone and the instagram app. If you have an iphone and do NOT have the instagram app, you are missing out. Go download it now. You can thank me later.

So – thanks to Jeannett for the Insta-Friday inspiration once again! Here we go…


life rearranged


 we were woken up with breakfast in bed by the girls on Labor Day morning. With notes proclaiming “Happy Memorial Day”. XOXO.

 Kendall enjoying her very first carnival ride with her sisters! Being “normal”. Having a blast!


i got these cool new temporary knuckle tattoos called “Knucks”. They rock. i love them.

 Story of my life lately – trying to find SOMETHING that will a.) stick to Kendall’s skin b.) not destroy the skin that is there that is trying its hardest to break down into raw ooziness c.) keep her line in place in her chest and not flopping around. Apparently this is a very tall order.

 One of these things is alive – can you spot it? This was Kaylen’s “school” one day. Not quite sure what she was teaching them…

I heard once that the more messy you are the more creative you are. I sure am messy. Not sure if the creativity is going to come now or later…But had a fun morning painting with the girls in my basement hideaway.

This week went fast! Probably cause of the holiday on Monday. Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead – Dance Tryouts!!!


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!



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