Ohhhh I get it.

dunkin donuts is clever. They actually have NAMES for all their holiday donuts. I actually was INSIDE one of the stores today (vs. just using the drive-thru as per usual!) and i noticed the cute little names. Not paying much attention, i ordered the girls “Boston Screams”. NOT EVEN THINKING that that meant “boston CREME”. You know with all that nasty filling inside. The mess waiting to happen? Yeah those. So then not only did I get two soggy donuts handed to me DRIPPING nasty creme stuff, but i had to endure the whines about how yucky their donuts (or “no-nuts” as kaylen calls them) were. Awesome.

Oh and why was i actually out and about before 11 am this fine tuesday morning you ask? Oh that’s easy. cause we ran out of diapers.

now, I know that many people before us have survived having two in diapers, some even more than that. But I tell you – if Kaylen doesn’t learn how to use that darn potty soon i swear we’re going to go BROKE!!!!! It’s a conspiracy – these diaper companies. oh sure cloth diapers are cute and they save the environment and all that happy horsecaca, but i just can’t get past recycling something that has seen that much bodily fluids.  MAYBE for kaylen that might work. And i may even invest in a set or two for her, but really, wouldn’t life be better for EVERYONE if she’d just learn to use the potty!?!?!?!? She’s such a holdout! the older two were MUCH further along in their potty training by this point! And I guess, knowing Kaylen, that is kind of just par for the course. She’ll do it in her own time when she’s gotten good and sick of walking around in her own feces. Till then, she’ll be fine just continuing to drain money spankyouberrymuch.

anyways where was i? oh yeah. Walmart. For diapers. with yucky no-nuts. and a kaylen in a swim diaper because its all that was in the house. Just another day in paradise! and now its time to throw lunch together and run karissa out the door to the bus! In spite of all the craziness, it feels somewhat like a productive day. Now i just need to keep up the oomph and find more stuff to productivate. (tell me that isn’t an AWESOME word that you wish YOu had made up!!!!)

Mothers Day 2009 085And on this beautiful Tuesday – i just want to send a shout out for HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES for my beautiful mother and sister – who share a birthday because she is the favorite child. Of course. (totally kidding, poopface!) I love you both and hope you have a wonderful birthday! Some day when babies aren’t sick with H1N1 and bible studies don’t have to be led and yucky no-nuts don’t have to be bought, we’ll go enjoy our movie and dinner as originally planned!

Hope you have a happy Tuesday! and are more productivative than me!

happy happy!



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  1. And thank you for using the most beautiful picture of us, of course YOU look beautiful that is probably why you used it and could you please write without so many harsh words since I do have friends that read your blog. On that note it is so nice out and I do thank you for the birthday wishes. Blessings to you all. (Poor Kaylen!)

  2. If by harsh you mean “feces” and “horsecaca” then yes, i will try to refrain.
    I have no other picture of you on this computer. if you’d like me to take bunches of pics of JUST YOU a la daddy’s photo shoot last year, i’d be happy to.
    glad you had a happy birthday though!

  3. I agree. We need a pic where I am not 33 weeks pregnant with twins and my hair is oh-so-lovely with grown out roots and all.