November 7.

You have to be kidding me…
My computer just shut down for a stupid automatic update and lost the blog post for today I have been working on for half an hour…

So ticked right now. But I’m too tired to redo it tonight. Tomorrow there’s no school and I’m hoping I get to sleep an extra hour or so. Everyone who has to deal with me in real life is hoping I get an extra 5-6 hours of sleep.

We have a fun weekend ahead, and I just want to soak it all up. Kendall goes back up to Milwaukee on Monday for her monthly IVIG infusion and a few appointments. Ugh- the thought of all that is making me even more exhausted right now…

Ok here is today’s blog post. It ain’t pretty, but it’s done.

The end.

Love and hugs,


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  1. You should get Lazarus extension for Chrome. I’m not sure if the other browsers have it but it saves your typing for just such events. It really works.

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