No Towels…Need Sleepy…

Holy Lord i did not think it was possible to be ANY more tired than i was. It has been taken to a whole new level now though. I actualy have developed an eye twitch due to lack of sleep. Last nite she i swear to you was awake ALLLL friggggggginnnnn nite longggggg….

Tonite – for added fun – i get to wake the munchkins BACK up at 11 to drive down to the ghetto of chi-town to pick my goddaughter up from the airport. She is staying with us for two weeks. Now if she manages to ever be awake at all during her trip, i might get some cool free babysitting out of this!! But needless to say, tonite and the ensuing day tomorrow will not be much fun. Even less fun if this friggin sinus headache doesn’t ever leave. How many cups of caffeine does it take to get rid of a sinus headache? we’ll see. of course throw in the overdose on alka-seltzer sinus and the odd zyrtec here and there and it should be in just a shade under 12 hours.

Not much else going on today. I am so sporadic with these posts.


I will say – good laugh for the day last week – checking blog stats seeing that someone came here from searching “how to stay calm while pooping”. I laughed SO hard at that.

a.) because WHO needs to google that? you just do it, its a bodily function, the end!

b.) because they got taken to my labor story. HOpe they found what they were looking for!

c.) just cause that is hilarious period!


Ugggghhhhh – this headache is killing me. I need to go make more coffee and get kealey grace ready for the bus. Thinking i may plunk the change down for a new mobile for kaylen too today. I had this tiny love symphony one for kealey (who managed to destroy it before she was 6 months old by grabbing it and holding it in place cause the clicking sound was funnier to her than the music), but up to that point, it just mesmerized her. i need something to entertain kaylen when she isn’t in my arms, which feels like its 24-7. 

Crap she’s up again. And i haven’t properly medicated myself.

In other news – we did start her on a new reflux med which for three blessed nites seemed to work. She’s always a horrible sleeper on the nites ben is out of town…WHHHHYYYYYYYYY? the baby gods hate me.

So anyways – i will update more later on how things are going with the new meds and what is working and what isn’t…but for now i gotta go mix up some alka-seltzer to drown my sorrows in.

peace out homeslices.

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