Ok this just in!!! So apparently the allergy doctor’s dietician is just as stumped as everyone else is about what else to try with Kendall, Ms. React-to-Everything-She-Consumes(evenifitmakesnoearthlysensetodoso). She said, start her back up on stage 1, single ingredient foods – take it nice and slow, log reactions, blah blah blah. AND THEN – I had a brainstorm. what is Kendall wasn’t reacting to pears per se, but was instead aspirating them = the hacky mucusy cough that magically disappeared when we stopped feeding her the pears? SO – the plan is to feed her some pears through her tube, see if the cough comes back, and go from there. I think at this point we hope the cough does come back, so we can blame it on the pears, and try moving on to a different food. (and for those wondering – the two main foods they recommend starting with for kids with food allergies are brown rice and pears. Brown rice was a DEFINITE no-go, so we are trying the pears.) BUT – she could just be the random kid who is allergic to pears. We know she also reacted to apples and bananas when we tried previously a few months ago – so I may just move on to some veggies if the cough does come back with the pear exposure. Flip side of all this – if she doesn’t start up with the cough again (or any other random weird reaction), then we’ll try pears orally. If the cough comes back, we know we’re still dealing with the dysphagia/aspiration, and we will have to address it from there. Because of her fundo wrap, we are relatively confident that the reflux aspiration is under control. We are all under the assumption that the aspiration from swallowing (or from the top down, basically) is also under control – since she CAN drink from a bottle with little to no issues, and its usually thin liquids that are hardest for kids to swallow (which, her formula would be considered thin liquids). SO – while the dysphagia aspiration may be a long shot, it is still a possibility. And of course with all the coughing going on in this house currently it might be hard to distinguish any cough Kendall may pick up over the next 24 hours from sickness vs. allergy, i am still going to keep my fingers crossed. COUGHING IS GOOD at this point – as it does reiterate that its an actual allergic reaction to the pears themselves, and not Kendall’s inability to swallow the thicker food (which yes, does not make sense, but when has this kid ever made sense?!?!?!) I am sure most of this post does not make sense but i was SO excited that I just had to share it! We already have one bolus in of about 4 ounces of formula mixed with half a jar of pears. (sounds yummy doesn’t it?!?!?!) We’ll give her some more for breakfast and see what happens! thanks for hanging with me – even if you have no idea what i am talking about with any of this!! terra

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  1. This probably sounds so simplistic, but couldn’t they just draw some blood and test her for a pear allergy? It’s not 100 percent accurate, but could at least rule it out if it was negative????

    My son experiences the feeling of an allergic reaction to most fruit (itchy mouth, coughing, etc.). His testing shows he isn’t allergic to any of the fruits, but a protein in the fruit is something like ragweed, to which he is allergic. So perhaps there’s something weird like that happening.

    Didn’t you mention one time that she had a hole of some sort in the airway that was causing the difficulty with swallowing? I was reading about this little girl recently, who is much older, and docs JUST discovered and repaired a hole in her airway that was making her aspirate. I’m sure you’ve written about this issue in the past, but I can’t remember how it was ever resolved, so just throwing it out there???

    And THAT is more 3 a.m. medical advice than I’m sure you could ever want from one person.

  2. Hey just had a thought….what brand baby food do you guys use??? Gerber baby food has traces of milk and soy in it…even the single ingredient ones are made in the same area….I think beechnut is the safe one.


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