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Newfangled Technology

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Trying to see if this will actually work to blog through flickr. I get so

frustrated by trying to post photos. Isn’t the main point of hosting my own

blog to be able to have more control over this kind of thing? One would


I cannot stop eating pickles. Ben is so helpful. He says”well duh, it means

you’re pregnant”. Thanks, Captain Obvious. I must have missed that part of

why my belly bumps into EVERYTHING and I can’t walk normal! Really though, I

don’t get the whole pickle connection. Is it the salt? The sourness? Who

knows. I can only hope they aren’t like full of a jillion calories at this

point! I am so nervous about the weight coming off after this pregnancy.

Granted, I lost all my karissa weight within about three or four weeks, but

then started having my bad healthproblems, and never really bounced back

after that. And of course, I am still working on the 70+ lbs from Kealey


But yeah. I think the key is going to be getting active again. Other than

maybe a few too many fast food trips and my Coke addiction, its not like we

eat that unhealthily. Its just a few key changes to eating, but really

focusing on exercise.

Oh yeah this is just a test post. Lemme see if I can insert pics and see

what happens.


Here is the bump last week, about 37 weeks. On my anniversary, my tenth

wedding anniversary. Which I spent with my mom and kids getting ready for

the garage sale. Oh so romantic! Bleh on the arms and thunder thighs..those

MUST go ASAP. I need a new weavecut too. It is all one length now and just


Ok – lets see if this puppy works!

Ciao bellas-


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  1. Ohh you look so cute!! That belly is adorable! I always looked like hell pregnant, you look great. can’t wait to see that cutie pie!

  2. You look all belly to me! Pickles have basically no calories (as much as a regular cuke)–I checked. I enjoy them a great deal as well…