New Office Part 1

I named it part 1 because I have no idea how long this is going to take! you have to understand that with four children and their various activities and issues, simply trying to take pictures of my magnificence domesticity at work requires HOURS of time/planning/re-cleaning/ bribing by throwing candy into the other room so i can snap a picture of this one. Plus – I have to take all the set-up pics.

Like this one.

Fugly duckling table stuck in the basement under boxes Family Heirloom being showcased in my new “office” BEFORE:

IMG_0843Ok what I would like you all to take notice of here is the fact that a.) I did manage to find REAL sawhorses instead of the recycling bins – and i even had to assemble the sawhorses myself including finding another 2×4 to use as one of the legs. ANNNNNDDDD the power tool on top of the table!!! A real live electric sander!!! ok – yes, its a handheld. But LEGIT that thing is LOUD and it sands like a dream!!! Fun times. I may have a new addiction. I am slightly tempted to see if it would rip up my skin or if it would be like a super efficient version of that rub away mitt that is supposed to cut shaving time in half.  right? know what I mean? Am I the only one crazy enough to actually buy one of those things from the dollar store and try it? It’s essentially sand paper, right? that you are supposed to use in a circular buffing motion to like, rub your hair off by friction I guess….So I am just thinking if you added some oomph behind that buff….

yeah I should probably not be left alone with power tools.

Don’t worry – I returned it already.

I digress.

So that’s the table before.

here it is AFTER:


I am really super proudest of the brainstorm I had to spray paint it lime green first in places before I dry-brushed it with ivory paint to give it a distressed look. Its hard to tell in the picture – but there were no longer legs attached to this table when I first got the idea to repurpose it. I wish I could tell you exactly what had happened, but the best I can get out of the 8 and 6 year old eye-witness reporters to this event are that it involved 2 small kittens who probably weighed all of about 28 ounces TOGETHER at the time, a mad dash across the Christmas decorations, swinging from the winter coats hanging above the table, a loud crash, badda bing, next thing you know the table was legless. It’s a Christmas miracle!

so anyways – I needed legs. What you see underneath the table is actually still a table. The table top now has a tray that fits over the other table, which used to reside under a mirror in the front part of this room. I am sad that it kind of covers up some of the carving detail on the red table underneath, but I love that we are able to still utilize both tables. I wanted something that was “bar height” so I could stand up and “___________________” (fill in the blank with whatever random task I think I may be able to accomplish in the 8.3 minutes of free time I get a day without having to break up a fight/find a random med or paper for the nurse/schlep children to heck-and-gone for various dance related activities). This combo worked perfectly. anyways – the table isn’t finished. I still need to add some fun visual inspirations and then seal the top with another coat of….something. I’ll figure it out. And I’ll be sure to actually “ventilate” my “well ventilated area” next time.


So – my finished room. this is from the kitchen doorway looking in – I pink puffy heart my window hanging up on the wall. I don’t know why. It is still an unfinished project also. But – you can kind of get the idea. I have grandiose ideas…



Ben’s new office. His man cave. His he can do whatever he wants in here – including keeping it spic and fricking span if he so desires. It’s all his. Except when I need to fax or print something. This is my proudest accomplishment because that little fish tank in the corner weighs somewhere in the sixty two thousand pound range and THAT ladies and germs is how I swallowed a mouthful of saltwater. Cause it sloshes. And those fish are so danged picky about having their habitat sloshed.  What makes this picture even MORE fun is that all the nicely re-hooked up computer wires for three printers, a fax machine and two computers AND my nicely moved fish tank got RE-moved within a few hours of Ben being home so he could paint his new area Texas Longhorn orange. I kid you not. But I am glad he likes it. And he got most of the wires hooked back up right!

I am glad that he has his space now to make his own. I am sure it isn’t hard to be the only voice of reason male among all of us crazy girls. I hope he continues to enjoy this space and that I can find a way to keep Kendall the heck out of it. She is drawn to all things electronic like a moth to the flame. And while an easy answer MIGHT be “well why don’t you put doors on the room?” – you don’t want to get me started on the idiocy of the layout of this home wherein the doorway is about 3 and a half inches too short (or too long) for standard sized doors. I know. It’s precious. so…baby shock collar invisible fencing ideas are welcomed!

I AM TOTALLY KIDDING. Nobody call child welfare. I would never do that to my baby! *but it sure was a hoot on the dog when we had it!*

There will be more/better pics coming soon. As soon as I can open up another bag of fun sized m&m’s, toss them at my toddlers and snap a few pics.

Everybody all together now….


IMG_7641 IMG_7679

Ok peace out for now homeslices.

Dont forget to get out and Rock the Vote tomorrow.


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