Near Sighted Gynecologist.

(it’s from a movie. You win the prize of the day if you know which one.) Plus it’s good for the google hits, hey?

Anyways – it’s been a long week already, and it’s only tuesday.

Kaylen is recovering from her ebola virus or whatever she had, I think I am getting it, and my mouth is STILL killing me from getting my tooth pulled on Saturday. As the oral surgeon dude put it – “well, it’s virgin gum. It’s going to hurt for a while till bone grows there.” You would think at the ripe old age of 32 that I would be past still growing bone, but apparently not. One positive, it is next to impossible to eat my beloved M&M’s though because I have no chompage with which to crush them.

Ok i am distracted by the crying babies in this house so i’ll get to the point of this post – pictures for ben who is back to being a rocket-man, a la Elton John.


A serious looking Kealey. Such a good helper. I worry that sometimes I rely on her too much, and yet she shoulders the responsibility so well and so readily. i cannot believe that my BABY will be 7 years old in less than 6 weeks. Must start planning some kind of birthday party for her…



Karissa in her usual position – hovering over the baby. I swear if i had a dollar for every time during the day Ben or I have to say -” GET OUT OF HER FACE” we would be able to pay off our mortgage. CONSTANTLY  buggin’ on Kendall.

but she is also becoming a good big sister.

Started preschool, REAL preschool not speech therapy school, last week and is absolutely loving it. In spite of the fact that “it takes so LOOONNNGGG momma”. i have no idea what she is trying to say – that the drive to school takes so long or that school itself lasts too long past her flea-sized attention span. Either way – I am glad she is learning and growing and making friends and the 2 hours of peace and quiet i usually have during school are very appreciated!


I don’t have one of just Kaylen. She is hard to pin down. The child runs all over the house all day long, leaving a path of destruction behind her a mile wide. She has definitely earned the nickname “Hurricane Kaylen” and “Captain Destructo”. i am not sure why i have so many pictures of kaylen in a state of undress…i swear she HAS clothes and it seems like she is clothed for most of the day usually…

Here is another view of this pic. sissies2web it is hard to fit all four girls in the same frame and still be within arms length to catch either kaylen or karissa when/if they fall.


it still shocks me to see it in living color like this in a picture. They exhaust me more than I thought possible and yet – i couldn’t imagine life without any of them. Each with such a unique personality…it is so amazing to watch them grow up day by day.




I couldn’t decide if i liked the color or b/w version of the above better.

i am just honestly so overjoyed to FINALLY have a child who will take and use a pacifier. I know it will come back to haunt me someday, since i have children who develop horrible oral addictions to their comfort objects…but we’ll deal with the binky-toting college graduate later. For now, it is enough to be able to plug the noise sometimes.

Ok i have to go clean up yet another toy the idiot dog has destroyed…the fake blood pressure cuff. Good thing too cause i am sure my blood pressure is through the roof right at the moment…

Maybe i’ll have more interesting drivel to post tomorrow. Yes i am almost positive of it. So stay tuned!



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  1. aw, good luck on surviving your ebola… I was thinking of you several times yesterday– it was annual banquet time at the Cowtown 😀

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