So here I am again….staring down the face of 30 straight blog posts over the next 30 days.

Remember when I did it last year? And how i ended up having to cram in and backdate three posts in the last 45 minutes of November 30 to make it?
Yeah – I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be like that again.

As I look back on some of those posts – I see how we were in a somewhat similar position. Having recently brought a very sick Kendall home from a long harrowing stay in the PICU. Feeling like there was no rhyme or reason or schedule to our days, having so much of our lives in upheaval. Wanting to find a sense of order and continuity and clean up my desk….Wow. It’s like Groundhog Day here….

And yet time keeps marching on. Sure there are many things that are different – even different and improved from what seems at first glance to be so much similarity. But the things that aren’t different, the fact that I still keep dealing with the same issues over and over again….what is that? Is that me being stagnant? I hope not. But then why can’t i just get out of this rut of sameness? But in the next breath – I look at what our family has held up under and endured the past year, and I am proud of us. Sure my desk is still a hot mess of papers and various half-started craft projects, and my closet STILL hasn’t been cleaned out like I had planned to last November, and I continue to struggle with making bad eating choices and wanting to work out more….but we are all still here. We are all still keepin on, somehow. And really – we’ve done it pretty well in SPITE of my messy desk and closet. So who’s the real winner here???

Every new day is a chance to make it better. Every day we get life, it’s a chance to live it however we want to. So these are more the kind of things I want to focus on. The desk and the papers and the clothes – they will all eventually be taken care of. But the real stuff of living is in enjoying the time I have with my babies, my family. Time spent laughing together, making memories together, working together to make life awesome. Being real, and learning who we are. Who I am. Authenticity and Inspiration. This is what I would rather focus on this month.
That’s not to say that it’s all going to be the deep stuff, soul searching, gut-wrenching emotional stuff. But it is all going to be real. Authentic. Maybe even funny sometimes. Some of you have come up with some really awesome ideas to help get my creative juices flowing – you want my mascara video, more of my super awesome illustrations, you want to finally hear about the Make A Wish trip, my recipe for Hippie Juice…I can’t remember them all off the top of my head but I know there are some good ones!

Annnndddd here i am already five days behind so i’m going to go crank out some posts real quick!!!

Ready set go.


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