My first Vlog.

And I guess its not truly a vlog – cause I didn’t just use up all 60 minutes on the Flip (may it rest in peace) spewing random thoughts out of my mind for you to filter through over your morning cuppa joe. but its a video, and it’s on my blog, and it’s of me. a Very Very uncomfortable me. Bloated and pukey from having just eaten my yearly allotment of dairy products in one meal from Emerils restaurant (me plus lactose = not friends. your TMI tidbit of the week. enjoy)


Here’s the shoutout to my peeps who played the stupid crazy FB popularity game the other nite with me.(this is a completely made up game that isn’t really a game as much as it was just me and a good friend being a little slap happy.)  And a little perfect cheer at the end. Be sure to leave the thumbs up for it on Youtube so I can feel even more popular. Because clearly I gain my sense of self confidence from social media networking.



Hope you LUVS it!!!!

Love you all~


t-crest. out.

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