My Claim to Fame.

Well, actually, I have many. From being 5th in the National Spelling Bee to helping my uncle Dan sell walkie-talkies on National Television (QVC), I am a very well-rounded individual. But when it comes to this little humble abode on the Tres-Dub (let me know when you get that one)…my claim to fame is this:

Moochie Pootie.

I must get about 5 hits a day for people searching moochie pootie on the internet. For the uninformed, moochie and pootie are two japanimation type characters on the WACKED out show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I think they are supposed to be like, good and bad, or naughty and nice or something. Cause pootie is always, well, pootie. Pouty. anyways. I have put way too much thought in this already. But in the 3 hours I was trying to compose this post, i got about 5 more hits searching for moochie pootie. And its cause its one of my nicknames for Kaylen Hope. She’s just so FUSSY – I took to calling her moochie pootie. There really is no rhyme or reason to it, I know. It just is. I really do wonder what the poor souls who are searching for moochie pootie think when they land here in this land of…crazy talk and random ramblings. Or why they’re searching for moochie pootie in the first place.

So someday when I do a "favorite google searches that resulted with my blog" awards, this will be up there. Along with a recent Frenchperson who was searching for "hogtie the kids" (and we wonder why they hate americans, cause all we do is hogtie our kids apparently), and "how to stay calm while pooping". Yes folks, you really CAN find it all right here at terratalking dot com.



While I was composing this post, I got an email from AMY FREEZE!!!!

Apparently she has some kind of auto-bot blogsearch program that crawls the web for specific references (or maybe just a paid assistant), and of course her name popped up here in my last post so she left me a COMMENT! Go see it! Its for real! I triple checked her IP, went to her website via various routes, and checked the MyFox website. IT WAS HER! I feel like I got a celebrity autograph! (Please do’nt burst my bubble and tell me it was probably just her assistant that emailed me. I prefer to live in my own little world where a real live celebrity actually wrote to me.)

And I have already apologized to her in person (well, ok in email cause I think she would think I was a crazed stalker if i actually rang her up or met her for some starbucks) for my rude comments regarding her name. apparently I owe you all 200 lbs of chocolate because Freeze IS indeed her last name.

So Ms. Freeze, again, I am very sorry for taking your name in vain, making rude comments, and being in general, insensitive to your name. sincerely.

I still think she is the rockingest meteorologist out there, which is why we continue to watch Fox news every nite. Go visit her site by clicking above, or on the sidebar, to which I have added her website. Watch out. She got me to actually add something to my sidebar. i might just get a wild hair up my *youknowwhat* and decide to really start sprucing up the place.

I need to go prepare some pictures to add to my post. And calm down from my excitement at having an email from Amy Freeze!

Hope you all have a good Saturday!

And I leave you with the number one reason you should not leave my father unsupervised with access to a mac with Photobooth.

Photo 146


Its britney bishes.

the terrarist

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  1. My 14 month old is a huge fan of Yo Gabba Gabba and our son goes absolutely CRAZY when Moochie & Pootie come on. We want posters, we want a full length show! We love Moochie & Pootie! Best to you Terra!