Must. Have. Coke.

It is three weeks today since I had my last taste of that beautiful nectar of the gods – cocacola.

I still crave it almost round the clock. I am relatively sure this is not normal. I am not sure if its due to the severity of my addiction, or if its physiological in nature. But either way, it sucks. I would have thought that cutting out that huge amount of coke would have cut my weight in half almost overnight, but no dice. I am frustrated, saddened, angry – and overall, pretty much blowing this out of proportion. but i really really really want a coke dangit!

I am tempted to go get some nicorette gum. Cause if it works for cigarettes, it must work for coke.

don’t try to confuse me with facts.

I think Kealey’s birthday was a good one. We went out to IHOP for breakfast, I finished sewing karissa’s dress, the girls played computer games, we finished kealey’s treat bags, she got on the bus, and we went to walmart to get stuff for a cake. Came home, made the cake, sang happy birthday, had dinner, and….

waited for Ben to come home. OH. in between all this fun stuff, I had to endure the most horrific whining over her loose tooth. I cannot describe to you the micromillimeter sized thread holding this tooth in. yet she would not just YANK it out, nor would she let me come near it. She preferred to just whine and moan. I have NO IDEA who she got that from. Probably Ben. 😛

I am dead tired right now and I have no idea why. Its 10:30. We weren’t THAT active today. Maybe its just cause i am boring myself.

Exciting stuff coming up though.

We have four shoots this weekend, I have three to catch up on editing, planning a mom’s weekend, cleaning the house to have a small group PARTAY here on friday, getting ready for vacation, wow. yeah.  i better go to sleep now. i am making myself tired just thinking about all this…



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