motivation monday. on a tuesday.

GAHH! I can’t believe I haven’t been able to blog in two days! And now i am down to the wire of “time I have to blog in”, so i better just throw some random sentences down to get this started. I MIGHT be able to squeeze out the rest of the post by tonite…

anyways – motivation monday this week.

considering i wrote ALLLLLLL of the above on a Wednesday, and everything else now on a Thursday (but i’m going to backdate this to Tuesday – still with me?) – i am apparently lacking major motivation this week.

HOWEVER – I have been actually pretty productive. You know those things you kind of just neglect, or avoid, or procrastinate on because you just don’t have the mental energy to deal with it? Yeah. i had a couple of those. But I faced them this week. And got them done and crossed off the list and now i feel so much better!

I LOVE having you guys join in with me on the Facebook page posts where we talk about it! I read each and every comment, even if i forget to go back and “like” them all (I try!) and i am always rooting you on! Some of you are very ambitious every week – and i hope it’s turning out for you!

Other randomness I was asked to address via another FB page post:

i was supposed to make someone laugh.

This was hilarious to me (and again, if you are on the FB page you saw this pic already). But get this – so we are in Aldi last nite (buying one of everything as Ben puts it), and this guy walks past and i’m like, I know that dude from somewhere. And then it hits me –


I dropped the french toast sticks and tried to get Ben’s attention to tell him and Kaylen is all yelling “mommy! what?!?!? TELL ME about dat guy. What guy? what are you saying???” And Ben is trying to not laugh and i’m trying to pick up french toast sticks and not laugh. And we go to get in line and i’m like, “Should i say something about how we had to spend the night in the parking lot ALL NIGHT to get these super awesome low prices here at Aldi?” (because cheater dude is two people behind us) – and Ben is like “\/” (those are his angry eyes). And i’m like – i’m gonna say it – and I get the angry eyes again and i know i better not push it but MAN i wanted to so badly go up to him and ask him what his consolation prize was!!!!

But I refrained. Which is probably good. He didn’t look like he was in a chatty mood anyways.

And then someone else wanted dinner help – Lisa! – this ones for you.

My dinner concoction tonite. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel here people.  I dont claim that this is healthy in any way – but it’s all “crap i have in the pantry”, so this is what it is. (I know you’re gonna want to pinterest this one, but hold on, wait til I get the after pics up!)

So you take however many packs of ramen you have, and cook them according to directions.

Grill some onion in a frying pan, add some canned chicken, pour in some cream of mushroom soup, and heat that all up. Pour the soup stuff over the ramen noodles, and serve with a leafy green vegetable to offset the starchfest. Voila.

I know. They’ll be beating down my doors soon for a cooking show so take advantage of my special recipes while you can.

Anyhoo. I have to get Thursday’s REAL post up! It’s Things I Heart Thursday!!!!





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