Motivation Monday.

Has anyone else picked up on the fact that I started theming the days??? No? I’m too clever for you all???

(that last part is in my sarcasm font, in case it doesn’t show up on your screen…)

Anyways. Today is motivation monday. As in – what am I doing to get off my tookusMM1 and DO SOMETHING to achieve a goal/cross something off the to do list/etc. And while it is weird to be typing about motivation on a holiday monday that is supposed to be about taking a break, I’m trying to break through that mental block and post about the goings on around here. Cause Tuesday’s gonna come whooshing in with a vengeance and I will be all “what just hit me in the head and knocked me over” and it will be Tuesday with a pair of brass knuckles.

I’m not sure it was necessarily on anyone’s list of “goals I would like to accomplish this week”, but we attempted it anyways, and survived it even, so it’s going on today’s motivation monday list! We took the whole family (which means we brought kendall with us instead of having her stay home with her nurse as is the typical MO around here) to see a movie. In a theater. I’m not entirely sure I can capture how revolutionary this is. And I know that overall, we are very blessed and lucky that we CAN take Kendall with us, please don’t think I’m complaining in any way. It’s just hard to sum up the chaos that can ensue when Kendall decides to go crazy. And by crazy I mean we could get anything from a meltdown with screaming and crying over her shoes, to a hyper tasmanian devil bouncing off every wall from over excitement, to a puddle of sobbing goo over the pain in her tummy/legs/pee-pee/head/everywhere. And usually it’s all three at some point in the same trip. Given the fact that she had a diaper FULL of pure blood last nite, and in general has just been in far more pain the past couple days (since stopping the IV anti-fungals/anti-biotics), doing ANYTHING with her is an “iffy” proposition at best. It’s just exhausting sometimes, especially on top of the other three and their typical requests.

But sometimes it is so so so hard to do things as “part” of a family – and there’s just no good answers. So we loaded up our four plus another tag-a-long friend from a sleepover, and armed with her (what i thought was) fully-stocked “go bag”, off we went. (For the unmedical – a go bag is like a diaper bag on crack. It’s got pretty much at least one of every emergency medical supply that you might need for a kid like kendall – a replacement g-tube, spare caths, spare IV dressings, spare IV tubing, spare IV fluids, and the contents of at least the top two drawers of the cart of supplies that is in every ER room. It’s heavy and a pain to lug around, we usually just leave it in the car!) But I was glad I brought it in today as we had a few IV pump emergencies and then the usual issues with her catheter. But we survived the movie! Can’t say the same for the poor little boy in front of Kendall who came very close to having his head kicked in on numerous occasions by Kendall’s inability to sit still for more than three seconds….Sorry little boy!!!

Along with this fun outing, we simultaneously had to “flea bomb” the house. Ugh. I know a few of you IMG_3300saw this pic of Ben the other nite when we thought maybe the fleas were contained to the outside cat and the one who spent a few months in the pokey/animal control shelter. We got collars, the gel meds you put on the scruff of their neck, and then this uber fun spray stuff that you rub the kitties hair all in the wrong direction, spray them til they are dripping wet with this spray, and then throw them in an enclosed area to lick it all off. (ok we added that last part). If you’ve hung around here for any amount of time, you may remember the LAST time Ben decided to help the kitties with their grooming methods. So he came prepared this time. He pinned the kitties down, and I sprayed them and “fluffed their fur in the opposite direction”. I can honestly say that in 35 years of dealing with kitties (I’m not counting my first year of life, i don’t remember interacting with cats that young) – I have NEVER heard a cat make the noises that Tiberias was making. And I’ve heard a LOT of strange kitty noises.

So anyways, we were wrong. There are fleas all over. And yes, I know that makes me sound like the worlds worst housekeeper. Which I kind of am. But I didn’t think I was THIS bad. Anyways – we got the little bomb kit from Home Depot, covered up everything important, and left the house for a few hours. All three kitties have received the three-way treatment. I have washed everything that they have ever thought about sleeping on/sitting on/looking at in super hot water with baking soda. I have vaccuumed the heck out of every vacuumable surface in this house. And I still feel defeated about this. It’s SO annoying, gross, you name it. I hope this flea bomb thing works. My one solace is that they do not seem to be in Kendall’s room at air. Her room gets lysol’ed so regularly and the bedding is constantly being changed, and the cats honestly hate being in there unless I’m standing in there doing something at night. So – now you know my deep dark ugly secret. My house has fleas.  But hopefully not for too long!

In other Motivational Monday news – I need to start being better with exercise for a fall fitness challenge I am in with some facebook friends! It started yesterday and i’m pretty sure i’m at negative 68 points now…it’s been a good holiday weekend! And I am starting to get everything set for Wednesday’s fun adventure – camping out in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot near my house for the GRAND OPENING!!! YAYYYHOOOOOO!!!! If you know the kind of CFA addict I am, you will know that this is just a few notches below the return of Jesus Christ on the list of “things i’m looking forward to”. I am just so excited to be able to make it to the grand opening! For the uninitiated, this will require that I am there at 6 am Wednesday morning to check in, and that I stay on the premises for 24 hours, until the store “officially” opens at 6 am on thursday morning. So yes i have to camp out there. No i am not a camper-outter. Yes I am doing this alone because all my “friends” have excuses about why they cannot do this. You people better be bringing me starbucks/extension cords for power/keeping me company! I think I may try to do some live vlogging of the event. You all better be good commenters if I do!

Anyways – I need to get all the items I need to camp ready, make sure that nurses are ready for the crazy shifts they will be covering for Kendall, make sure my mom has a well laid out map of is going on for which child and at what time on Wednesday. ANd yes, I can hear your thoughts now, I AM crazy. If I tried to keep the crazy at bay, i’d be certifiable. So I embrace it instead. I have no idea how this is all going to work out – I just know that I want to try it.

I am being interrupted by the incessant requests to go do/find/be/make something – so i’ll wrap up this disjointed post with a few more disjointed ideas.

First – i did end up writing a friday post. i posted it on saturday, but backdated it to thursday. Fabulous reader Marcy wins the prize for finding it/commenting first. Here it is for those of you who are lost!

Second – Karissa is trying to get a new DS game. I posted this on the FB wall for Terra Talking – here it is again so you all can enjoy the kind of craziness I deal with on a daily basis. This kid is RELENTLESS when she wants something.


Third – I hope you all had a beautiful Labor Day weekend.  It’s been the usual kind of crazy around here, but we’ll survive. Thanks for sticking around to be part of our story!

love and light~



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  1. Yes come to the Atkinson household where you can get some dead fleas (because, yes I went over board on the flea bomb. Used all three cans that should cover a 9,000 sq foot house.) and cheap candy bars that I am sure I am gonna have to buy. Buy 20 candy bars and get one free kitty(flea free). We have three to choose from.

    • Thanks for stopping by Amanda! And for the compliment on Karissa – she uses that cuteness as a weapon sometimes….

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