Making Changes.

So, in typical Terra Fashion, I junked up the settings on my blog a few days ago. I am now trying to fix them, so I’m just doing a quick post to see how much progress i’ve made ripping out the old database and reinstalling it all. This is a time suck of epic proportions, along with re-partitioning an EHD to use on both a Mac and my PC. It is slightly less painful brick-head-banging than dealing with baby doclings though.

And since you mostly just read this for updates on Kendall (which is fine – i don’t blame you at all!) she is doing pretty good. She is pretty weak and still catching up from a week with nowhere near enough calories. She actually asked to go back to the hospital last nite when it was almost bedtime. Break my heart. I think she still feels kind of crappy, and based on therapy today, it’s obvious that she’s still recovering. This is frustrating not only cause its hard to watch your baby struggle, but because I have been telling them for MONTHS that Kendall needs more fluids. She is already getting “far more than would be expected necessary” for a child her age and weight. Well, turns out Kendall never read the spreadsheet on how much fluid she “should” need, and her body thinks it needs more. The end. At least one of her docs this week was listening to that, and was actually shocked that we have been having to fight for this for so long. (again, someone hand me my brick so i can beat my head against it…)

Anyhoo – I said quick update right???
Anyways – we are home as of yesterday afternoon, new line is in place in her chest again to give her arm veins a break, and onward and upward we march.
I’ll post more later after I continue dinking around with webby stuff.

love you all~ thanks for being the support we need just when we need it! So blessed by so many awesome and amazing friends!



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