Make Me Laugh

It has been a good pretty unstressful week. We played with a lot of friends this week, and in spite of that i was able to get most of my MUST-DO work done. Always fun. The inimitable miss clc came over for a cooking lesson/recipe help – good friends who will help you make a meal that wows your husband including homemade cheesecake are PRICELESS. I hope everyone has at least one.

I think we even have a relatively uneventful weekend ahead of us.

All in all – life is good.

I hope your weekends are all filled with fun, relaxation, and all the good things you are hoping for.


I can’t get the video to embed, but going to this link should take you to the latest from Karissa. It never fails to put a smile on my face, and in fact, you will hear me laughing in the background near the end of this little video. For some reason it uploaded very small so you can’t read the captions very well – they are mostly just question marks with the occasional actual translation of Karissa-ese thrown in.


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