Just Pluggin’ Away…

Still here. SSDD.

Had a crappy day of crampy weird pains and whatnot yesterday. Got talked down by two very wise friends who both rightfully pointed out that yes, i was probably in labor, and that labor could easily last the next 2, 4, or 6 weeks. It’s just that time where your body starts getting ready and gearing up. And i knew that. My only fear is that i was almost that person who delivers their baby in the toilet LAST time, and so now I feel like every time I sneeze  something major could start! (Is this TMI for a public blog???)

Anyways. But today I feel much better. Well, from a pregnancy standpoint. This fricking cold has relocated to my lungs which makes it very hard to breathe and I feel like I am moving through jello. I should probably do a nebulizer treatment but its louder than a 747 taking off in an ice storm and it’s currently located in Kaylen’s room. Who is peacefully sleeping. We’ll see if i feel crappy enough to actually risk waking her up though.

Otherwise – life just keeps on movin’ on.

I dropped a GRIP o dolla at Libby Lu tonite on a forking  HALLOWEEN COSTUME. I never thought I was one of those moms who couldn’t say no to their children. Apparently I am. I just feel like Kealey gets the short end of the stick at times, i mean, i rely SO heavily on her some days to be my helper, and how fair is that? I mean no life isn’t fair and I get that, but if I can make it up to her in some way by letting her be her DREAM outfit hannah montana self for halloween – is that so wrong?

blog1 So yeah a few bills later out we walk with my child dressed to the NINES for this little candy grubbing shindig we call halloween. And then number two starts the uber pathetic poor little match girl woe is me I didn’t get anything but that’s ok because I love my big sissy whining (translation: “buy me something too mommy blog2to show me you love me!!!”), so she gets a hannah montana backpack.

That store is evil. I think Satan himself sits as the CEO. it is every little girl’s  DREAM come true to walk into that store. and now I will have FOUR of them to navigate through its pink glittery walls without going broke. But you know, if it makes them stay little girls – who still believe in fairy tales and make believe and dress up – then so be it. I’ll be right there behind them, footin’ the bill every time.



And in one last artistic ode…

I title this one “One of many possible reasons why it may be taking your dryer three or more rounds to get the clothes completely dry”.

A little long, but I think it speaks volumes…



(and just for reference, that’s about a 6 inch roll O lint right there. yes I am quite proud of it thanks for asking.)

More later homies.

enjoy the day. If you want a little piece of warm fuzziness, go try a pumpkin latte from starbucks. they’re my new favorite addiction.




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  1. glad to hear you made it through/down 🙂 I was out of town today and tried texting you…. I think texting you isn’t working?

  2. Oh my word. The Lint Roll. Terra, that’s frickin’ huge. How long’s it been since you changed it? What are you drying in there? SHEEP?

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