Just one of those days.

Well, not even an entire day. Just evening.

Yesterday was actually a pretty nice day – church, lunch, going to watch Ben play in a volleyball tournament – and then we got home. In spite of everyone being tired, no one wanted to nap. So while Ben mowed the yard (don’t worry, he will continue to do this into December and anytime in the winter that the ground is not covered with snow), i dealt with cranky kiddo’s. Finally at dinnertime, our normal wind-down time, things were JUST starting to get calm when Ben announces that he has found the source of our moth infestation.

Well ok it’s not quite an infestation. It’s just one of those things that you’re thinking, “you know, there’s a lot more moths flying around here than you would except for such cold weather…it’s not like we left the windows open or anything…” And sure enough – way up high in the ceiling of our pantry – a little moth factory. Levels of grossness I don’t want to describe here. It was just nasty. so out goes tons and tons of food. I dont think much of it was crawling with little moths or anything – it was more just the concept that there were thousands of little squirmy worms all over that MIGHT have dropped into a box of something…. And really, there was no open food to speak of in the pantry. No rotting onions or potatoes or anything like that. Some cereal and a bag of cookies were all that was open, and even those were relatively fresh (in Terra terms, which means, you know, sometime in the last year.) I did have to endure a lecture from Ben on the large 5 gallon jar of pickles that has been in the pantry since the month we moved in. 5 years ago. Before Karissa was born. you just really never know when you might NEED 329 pickles!!!

he won.

So i am now pickle-less, but I have a very nice clean open pantry!

And then, in true Atkinson-circus fashion, as I was downstairs with the girls while Ben bug-bombed the pantry, Kaylen decides to take her diaper off in preparation for shower time. Except that then she goes and POOPS on the FLOOR!!! She comes over to me and says – mommy! pee! Gose! (gross) – and I look and scream because it WAS gross and it WAS all over but it was CERTAINLY not pee!!! *sigh* So out comes the carpet cleaner while the children attempt to shower themselves upstairs and Ben is scraping paint off the walls in the pantry with a big blue mask on and I look around and ask myself how does this chaos happen???

but i KNOW that someday, i will miss this chaos. it is MY chaos, and i want to embrace it fully. We survived the moths and the poop and the shower that ended with more water outside the tub than on my children’s bodies. And we will continue to survive whatever life throws at us. Because that’s just what we do. At an early age, my beautiful babies are learning that we just pull together, work together, buckle down, and get the job done. I am so proud of them.

Today the sun is shining and it’s a very nice temperature and i can think of about 72 things that i SHOULD be doing with this kind of weather! It’s times like this though when my brain fills up with so many ideas that i can’t even get them OUT of my head and i just get paralyzed with indecision! do i start with the fall decorations? do i label the pantry shelves now that it’s all nice and cleaned? do i attempt to start the massive undertaking of office cleanup? And instead I sit and blog.

what do you do, dear handful of readers? Do you ever get overwhelmed with choices that you end up doing nothing? give me your best advices!

other things that I am working on that I need/value input on –

  • We are thinking of doing a large celebration party for Kendall’s 1st birthday, but am not sure where to have it? if you have any ideas on good rooms that come cheap, let me know!

Halloween costumes – what are you all dressing kiddo’s up as this year? i am going to attempt to do home made costumes this year and am thinking of a cupcake (kendall) and bakers(other girls) theme. thoughts? ideas? things you’ve seen? link me up!

pumpkin patches/apple picking – i know some of you have sent me links on FB – let me know what your experiences are.


I think that is all the randomness floating around my head for now.

For those of you who think leaving a comment is too hard of a process…

email me at   terra@2sisphotos.com


peace out homies.


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  1. Well, that didn’t take long, Terra. I’ll be praying for less chaos for the rest of the week. Yesterday was certainly enough for the whole week!

    I’m putting my thinking cap on for a place for a huge party…and hope to celebrate with you!

  2. Well, when I am having trouble concentrating, I usually come into my office to work around 10pm. No Distractions, I also get a crap load done because it forces me to not get distracted because my train of thought is: “It’s late, I want to get home and into bed, just after I finish … ”

    60% of the time it works every time.

  3. It reminds me of the time we (voluntarily)let Ash run around w/o a diaper. She pooped(scratch that) explosive diarrhea-ed on a library book. Thank goodness it wasn’t on the carpet ’cause we just took it to the sink, rinsed the plastic book jacket w/hot water & clorox wiped it (c’mon, how clean are these books to begin with). Dust cover OR poop protector.
    Anyways, the girls are dead set on being Star Wars characters, which I will have to make since I refuse to spend $29 on piece of crap polyester shards of fabric they will wear once. At least this way I get to be creative, too & go to JOanns. Evah is of course Princess Leia (“from Episode 6, Mommy”) in Endor camo, and Ash is alien paduan Ahsoka Tano from “The Clone Wars” cartoon. Bubba’s a cowboy.