Just Checkin

DSC_0050 To see what happens with all my hella cool formatting when i jack with the website too much and kill it.

WHY OH WHY did i go with the cross-cultural studies degree instead of superwebnerdery4000 like my bro?


I coulda been the next bill gates.


or not.

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  1. That is a CUTE picture Zest! She doesn’t look so much like Ben in this one for some reason….. is she diggin’ her new clothes?….. PS the new site looks great!

  2. Terra–Haha! I didn’t see anywhere to leave comments before, but I should have known you would change things up so fast! Do you ever leave things alone for five minutes? Not the Terra I know! I am itchin’ to see everyone, especially after seeing your pics. Hope Kealey is loving Kindergarten!
    P.S. I know exactly how you feel about sending your baby off!!

  3. This theme is sweet. I would edit the paragraph/body text a touch though, it’s off. You’re photos rock! Way to go! Oh and I didn’t get the superwebnerdery4000 degree, Northwestern didn’t offer that when I was there. The web was still totally a new thing then. I got the “You’ll never amount to anything” degree.