Just a regular Monday

The world of blogging is so interesting to me. Its like tons of little online diaries that you can read about any kind of life you want. Most people have much more exciting lives than me.

But somehow, i have managed to build a nice small regular readership. With a few random visitors from far-away lands. Who i think are stealing my pictures.

So what should I blog about today?

why does my toast have a slightly fishy taste? Is this because I put the shrimp away next to the butter last nite?

do they put crack in oreos to make them completely irresistible?

why is a neighbor child trying to snowboard down the -3% grade that is his front yard?

is it possible to ever do ALL the things you want to do in one lifetime?

how can i fix ben’s allergies and kaylen’s ear infection without packing us all up and moving to death valley?

i wonder if my parents made it to WA. Josh or bec – gimme a shoutout.

my husband did a kickass job of cleaning the house yesterday while I went to the grocery store. thanks benj! the floors are AWESOME! I will hogtie the children for the next week or so in order to attempt to maintain some of the cleanliness.

i have a virtual crapload of rockin’ snack food leftover from our superbowl/birthday party last nite. Unfortunately, none of it is "breakfasty". God knows i DO love a good beenie weenie, but cannot force it down ye olde gullet at 8 in the morning. hence the aforementioned fishy toast.

but i am lookin forward to grubbin on some munchage for lunch.

i need to get the following items SOON: 2 new tube bottles, a highchair, allergenic dog shampoo, formula.

only 46 more days till vacation!

38 more days till Hearts at Home conference!

32 more days till business bootcamp with skye!

I should look for Lord of the Dance tickets again. Its in one week. Maybe they opened up more seats. Double check on craigslist.

So close to being done with the website. I have worked so much on it the last two weeks that I am starting to just be sick of it.

Went to see Juno this weekend. LOVED it. Very cute little movie. I think I will go see it again sometime.

the Indi=flamers concert was cancelled on Saturday. Huge bummage. Haven’t heard when the rescheduled date will be. Hope its soon.

Ok I think I am done with the random bulletpoint style list of thoughts today. This dreary weather is sucking my will to live. That and the lack of sleep from a baby who got up to eat three times last nite. Those "calgon take me away" commercials are starting to make entirely too much sense these days.

till next time bonne-bellers-



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