It’s beginning to look a lot

like a bomb went off in this house.

like Christmas!!!  Except I usually only sing that when it snows. And there is only trace elements of frozen snow on the ground right now. It’s too forking cold to snow!!!! so annoying. And really, it’s not even looking much like christmas around here because I haven’t gotten to any of the baking or wrapping of ANYTHING yet. Or shopping. I am hoping to knock out a WHOLE bunch of shopping with my dear mother in law this weekend – i hope she is up for the challenge because i will be a crazy woman on a mission.

This week has gotten away from me. My days have not felt like my own because they have been filled with other issues and problems beyond what were on my to-do list for the day.

I totally forgot where I was going with this when i started typing it FOUR DAYS AGO.

so nevermind. i’ll update more in another post! 😛



(and for the record – mother in law WAS able to keep up with me last nite! got lots of shopping done!)


apples –



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  1. my christmas progress consists of a string of twinkle lights around the front window (courtesy of my honey who read the facebook post) and a pointsettia I bought at 1 am last weekend. I do believe I must have a whole regatta of delivery men assigned all to me this coming week, as I have mail ordered a whole lotta (all?) christmas cheer.

    • K-dawg – any progress is progress in my book! I hope this week you find time to rest and relax and become Christmas-fied!

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