It is done.


Huge Huge Thank You’s to my awesome brother – Josh – for all of his hard work and follow up. I can actually see him sitting at his computer chewing on his stubbed up fingers sideways while he is trying to fix all the computer things I screw up on our website.

But at long awaited last – I present to you my newest baby…

2Sisters Photography

shoot. i messed up my font settings interminably now.

ok,. yay for you. you get to read the rest of this post in THIS font at THIS color. Hope you have good eye insurance.

Speaking of eye insurance…

nah. you don’t wanna get me started on the fact that the cast of "I am NOT smarter than a 5th Grader", led by their fearless leader, Ima Dimwit, works at the Macy’s optical at the mall. You know that scene in "Tommy Boy" where the flight attendant tells Richard "ummm let’s see, I can get you on a 3:00 to Salt Lake City!" ( – except they’re trying to get to chicago by 1:00 – yeah. that is how this place is.

I just want my friggin contacts.

Actually I just want eye surgery but that’s unlikely to happen in the near future. Short of Ben actually winning the lottery like his career plans involve.

Ok is this any better?

that was getting full-on annoying.


So in other news…

hmmm. I am thinking about giving up coke for lent. There are two problems with this:

1.) I am seriously addicted to the stuff. it calls my name I swear to you.

2.) I have really little to no idea how this whole Lent thing works. i am not even sure what religion you have to be to observe Lent. I think Catholic. If any of you know more than me about it – PLEASE enlighten me. I am thinking I am on the right track with my reasoning for it – in that you’re supposed to give up something in order to fully concentrate on and appreciate the sacrifice Christ made on his last days on earth before dying on the cross for us. But after that i am a little fuzzy on the details.

I have this spot on my cheek that is like, it feels like frostbite there or something. Its weird. And super-annoying. I hope its not eczema or something. Cause how bad would that suck? Its just really weird.

Oh – this is kickass. Ben got my Christmas present installed this weekend! Its an auto-connector-thingamajig so that my Ipod plays through the car speakers. This is awesome on two levels.

1.) I had to keep an extra pack of 25 fuses in the car at all times because the Belkin plug in one that goes in the car lighter and you use the radio stations to play it – yeah, kept shorting out the fuse every time it would fall out. Which it would do every time i took a corner too fast. Which, if you’ve ever had the privilege of driving with me, you know occurs at just about every corner. On RAILS baby, rails. so anyways – problem solved. I no longer have to install a new fuse every time I park the car.

2.) the sound quality is a gojillion times better. Being in a large metro area, there just really aren’t any open radio stations. So I’d be jammin’ along to like, a little Thunderstruck by Angus and the boys, and BAM – Sister Angelica who is sharing the path to celibacy over the airwaves chimes in with a nice little dissertation on Deuteronomy 13. It just doesn’t work. so i have my bass back again. And Sister Angelica can go back to her Deuteronomizing.

I need to get some more tunes loaded on there. I mean, realistically, I listen to the same 25 songs over and over again, as evidenced by my "top 25 songs" playlist that I keep it tuned to. But every once in a while, I get a wild hair to listen to something different. Something I haven’t heard in a while. Man, back in the day before everyone got all up in arms over piracy and whatnot, and napster was still in its heyday…i had about 683 songs downloaded. To my work computer. It rocked. It was the single solitary reason I was sad to leave that job. I shoulda just packed up the tower with me. I mean, it probably ran on about a half gig of ram. Its utterly useless and obsolete now. I can just about guaran-diddlydang-tee you that its sitting in the back room with lots of other obsolete equipment. BUT IT HAS SO MANY KICKASS SONGS ON IT!!! someone needs to go rescue it.

Karissa is really into drawing "Lakes" lately. I have no idea where this came from. But periodically throughout the day I will havIMG_0567 e pictures brought to me of variously sized and shaped, well, we’ll call them circles, that are filled in, loosely defined boundaries, different colors. Its weird. Its always a lake. I don’t know if she even has ever seen a lake. Unless she is referring to the drainage pond behind our neighborhood. She’s a funny kid though.

Here she is with her speech teacher, Miss Tina.

She finally graduated from speech services! I am proud of her. Its been a really long battle for that kid with her ears, surgery, and then speech therapy for the last year and a half. But last Thursday she was deemed to be "on a level concurrent with peers". And so she is released to the world. I still do’nt understand a good 30% of what that kid says. But you take what you get I guess!

Kealey….hasn’t….really done anything funny lately. I mean, she always is making me laugh. IMG_0399But nothing off the top of my head right now. She is definitely growing out of the "baby girl" stage and becoming a little girl. she is getting very excited to celebrate her birthday downtown at American Girl Place with a few friends and family. This picture: Guess who learned the – ‘hold the camera at arms length and smile" secret to self-portraits? there is a whole folder on my computer of random shots her and karissa took one day with my little P&S. too funny.

Kaylen – my immune-system-less baby. STILL fighting the ear infection from hell. Had the lovely experience of getting a$50 GENERIC prescription from the pharmacy last nite. God bless the makers of generic drugs. That sucker woulda been at least $200 for a name brand. and we have GOOD k3blog1 INSURANCE!!! If this round of antibiotics does not knock out every possible illness she has or will contract in the next three months, I am going to be very upset. In good news though, I think that first tooth is FINALLY making its way through to the surface. Let us all bow our heads and observe a moment of silent pleas to the god of skinny punks that this means she will SLEEP again.

Holy long post batman. And i haven’t even added any pictures yet.

Ok I gots to go make lunch. I am serving a gourmet course of generic cereal today. Get in line.

I rock a mean bowl of Berry Colossal Crunch.

Till next time Betty’s –

T-crest out

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  1. you got it right with the idea of lent. My church celebrates it ( but I still don’t know the details, My church just celebrates the entire christian calender which means we have about 3 weeks worth of sermons that aren’t on constant rotation). anyhoo, hope life is good.

  2. i like the website. good job! i’ll have to feature it soon (after i’m done ranting politically).

    btw, i don’t think lent is limited to catholics. they just practice it more “religiously” i guess. i think evangelicals, liturgicals, non-denoms, orthodox, all have lent as part of the church calendar. but i think if your inclined to give something up it’s probably b/c you know it’s taking over your life. so go for it! i got grant to drink green tea/iced tea instead of coke these days and he’s digging it.

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