Ice ice baby

(too cold, too cold)

I mean honestly…it is SO COLD in here!

I wanted to do a nice long update about our testing results from our milwaukee trip, our pediatrician appointment today, and just life in general as we get ready for christmas –

but our heater is broken and it’s so cold that I can hardly feel my fingers! And of course it’s like Ice Storm ‘09 out there right now with a projected HIGH temp of 12 degrees on Thursday.

thanks to some amazing friends – we have stayed warm all afternoon and had a great HEALTHY meal (unlike what I would have done if left to my own devices – mcD’s and a healthy dose of M&M’s) – AND we have at least pinpointed the problem. Amazing Friend #2 is coming back in the morning to actually fix the broken part, but has at least bought us a few hours of some warmth, allowing the house to get back up into the 60’s (internal temperature).

So – it’s going to be a chilly nite – but at least we aren’t going to freeze!

and hopefully TOMORROW i’ll have that nice long update!

Hope you are all warm tonite!



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  1. OK… i would be completely freaking out if I didn’t have heat right now. If your friend can’t fix it, let me know. We have been using the same company to fix our A/C every year (it has a leak), and they do heating, too. They are awesome and usually get to the house within hours.

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