Hugs from a Jug

of milk that is.

Yesterday afternoon I had a virtual milk parade on my front porch.

My fridge went from nearly empty – to nearly overflowing. That could be because Kaylen helped me put things away so everything is crammed onto the one shelf she can reach…but who’s counting, really? FIVE gallons of milk we have now. FIVE. Just in case you ever wonder if God really does hear your prayers – He does. So be careful what you are really and truly seeking. Because yesterday morning my prayer was – God please just let me be able to go get some milk today. And it’s not that I couldn’t have afforded a gallon or two of just milk. I don’t want you all to think we are completely destitute! But the thought of dragging them all out to the store with Kaylen fighting yet another crappy coughy cold, Kendall who is constantly in one therapy or another OR recuperating with a nap from all the therapy, dealing with the coats and the cold and all that – for just some milk? Yeah – it was THAT overwhelming.

So just to show me that not only could He provide the gallon of milk I need, but above and beyond what I could ask for – He sent five gallons. From a few different people. And cheese sticks. And Coke. And lasagna. And so many other good things that I do’nt even know how to put it into words except PRAISE GOD from whom ALL blessings flow! And with the blessings were also flowing my tears – so very touched by the generosity poured out upon us by so many of you.

and it was as if each and every one of those gallons of milk was like a great big huge HUG from God – reminding me that He does indeed care about the tiny AND large details of our lives. It may not always SEEM so, but that doesn’t make it less true. He cares about us. All of us. You, me, our babies, our husbands, our parents…he loves each of us so much. I don’t know WHY He chose to bless us like He did last nite. I do not feel very much worthy of it any more than so many others I know. I cannot fathom how or why He does what He does. But I can be grateful. And humbled. And I am.

And I think that’s about all I can say about that right now. Thank you seems so inadequate, as I so often feel in the face of generosity like this. And yet, to those of you who were the hands and feet of God yesterday with all that you brought to fill up our fridge – I hope you hear how very very very thankful I am for what you have done. It was more than just food for the bellies of my babies, it was food for our very soul. I wish I would have taken a picture of the girls’ eyes when they came home from their dance class to see all the milk we had in the fridge (and the coke!) – and I was able to tell them – GOD will always take care of us. He does it in little ways and He does it in big ways. And we prayed and thanked God for all the people who had helped us with our milk, and prayed for people who needed milk still. And it restored some much needed “spring” to the winter of my soul – the part of me that was just too worn out to even form coherent prayers for all that is on my heart and mind these days. That’s the kind of thing you just cannot put a price tag on. Restoring hope. And faith.

So thank you. For the big hugs that came in jugs. And for the prayers that keep us going just as much as food does. And for just being here to read about the craziness of our days.


Raisin’ a can  (of nice cold coke!) to all my homies –


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  1. Hallelujah, He’s good. Josh likes to remember the time all you had for dinner was saltine crackers and the last scraping of peanut butter. Then there was a knock on the door, an envelope of $500 “for groceries”, and not a soul in sight…

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