How do you say thank you?

Why haven’t we come up with better words in the English language to encompass the kind of extreme gratitude we feel for people who make huge sacrifices to help you out, who show you the utmost level of compassion and love, for those times when a mere “thank you” is woefully inadequate?

Because I’d love to say those words to a few people. They know who they are. their sacrifices and gifts have allowed us to get the stroller that we need, and the carseat that we’ll need when/if she ever grows big enough to be out of her infant one!

in an act of humility and generosity that I can hardly do justice to in words, we were handed the exact amount it would cost for these needed items, and i am at a loss about how to graciously receive this amazing blessing. Feeling inadequate to receive such a thing. Not sure how to just accept it and not be plotting ways to pay it back or fully express my gratitude. someday we will be in a position to pay it forward though, and i know that is one of the best thank you’s that can be given.

This isn’t a complete post. Just a lot of random thoughts that are jumbling around in my mind. And an example of part of this amazing journey we are on. Amazing for the people who have come alongside us, and the things we have seen, and the hope we have and continue to hold on to. i’ll come back to this, once i’ve processed through it all a little more.

it is no less amazing though, for my inability to coherently express my gratitude or feelings. so thank you, to those of you who were part of this amazing gift. you have touched our lives in a way we can’t even put into words.

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