Holy Cannoli

As in

"leave the gun, take the cannoli".

If you can name that movie – leave me a comment! and HOLLA!!!

Anyways – cannot believe I haven’t blogged in forever. What, almost a month? so much for new years resolutions to be a better blogger!

Today I woke up at 4 am because I could smell the tart i left burning all nite starting to scorch. Sometimes I am glad Ben isn’t here…that would be one of those times! WOW would I have been in trouble for that one! but its a good thing he loves me so that now he can just laugh about it from the comfort of his own hotel room far far away! So then I got up, turned it off, and laid in bed for the next two hours just thinking of the gojillion and one things I have to/want to/ am excited to do. I have been told I am "too busy", but really, its times like this that i feel MOST energized, ready to grab life by the horns and go for a little ride! I just am not ORGANIZED enough to make it all happen gracefully. I am best summed up by a kickin’ ballad from the 80’s by a talented group of young men who call themselves "The Scorpions":

Here I am {insert air guitar riff}

ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!! {insert guitar riff and mumbo jumbo soprano range na na na na na na}

I kind of just explode into my own life. Its like one day I just get this burst of energy and decide to do 79 things and they all must be done RIGHT THEN AND THERE. But I haven’t planned for those 79 things, nor have I ensured that the 12 things I was doing the day before  are completed. Lack of organization – gets ya every time. So I sabotage myself. And since I am classically passive aggressive, instead of facing the things that aren’t done, I just start a new project so I don’t have to finish the old one. So I constantly have all these things just sitting there on my to -do list, like a chinese plate spinner (I just know that phrase is going to get  me a google search hit!)

But they’re all GOOD things! That’s what i tell myself. They’re all great things and I have the best of intentions, I just have no foundation (called organization) upon which to build my intentions. There IS a solution somewhere though that will work for me and this crazy life I lead. The key is just finding it.

I am sure I will be back for more later today. i have to blog about the newest addition to our family. The Eel.

Which I must HAND FEED a small fish to.

with a device ben invented known as the "Fish" "Feeder". {Picture me doing my Dr. Evil finger quote thingy here". Or Chris Farley the "motivational speaker". Whichever floats your boat.}

More fun times from the eye of the hurricane coming soon.

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  1. Plus Chinese Plate Spinner’s are cool. Did you ever see the special features of “The Royal Tenenbaums” where Pagoda is doing his magic show and spinning a ton of plates? It’s awesome!

  2. Hey! Isn’t the Cannoli thing from the Godfather? I only know this because they quoted the line in You’ve Got Mail! Glad to see you’re back. This is the only way I know what’s going on with you since you say you’re going to call me…then, nothing. 🙁 Love ya, Faith 🙂