Here we are

So here we are.
Sitting in the ER waiting for an “all clear” from the doctor here that we are good to go back home, and hope that Kendall’s body is just fighting a plain old virus. Hoping that its not a red herring or an initial warning shot of a larger impending sickness.

I don’t really think it is anything too nefarious. I think she just has the same croup/cold that kaylen has had for a few days, but her lungs just aren’t strong enough to handle even a minor hit like this without needing more support. And even that is misleading- but what I mean is that Kendall needs to still have her lungs “babied” through respiratory issues: more fluids, more breathing treatments, possibly more oxygen to take away the work her body has to do. Nothing super crazy and certainly stuff we can do from home.
But there’s always that minor percentage that we could be wrong about it being “just” a cold.
So that’s why we sit here tonight.
Pulling cultures, checking labs, getting chest x-rays. Trying to be as certain as we can.
But time moves Soooo Slowwwlyy in an ER. You think it’s a quick fix- but not so much. I am glad I advocated to do this all down here locally instead of schlepping to Milwaukee tonight, and hopefully we hear very soon that things look ok enough for us to head home and keep doing what we are doing.

It’s not much- but at least it’s a blog post! I’m three for three so far! If you want a better post- read yesterday’s. I poured a lot of myself into that one- so if you read it and liked it- let me know! Don’t leave me hanging!

Hope you all had a good weekend! See you on the flip side- hopefully from the comfort of my own couch!

Peace out party people~


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