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Paint the Mirror

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Basically, I found this mirror in the trash last week, and I loved the frame. It was actually in great shape – and it looked like someone had just repainted it this awesome shiny red color. I actually do love it as is – but I don’t have anywhere to put a bright red mirror at the moment. So I’m trying to get opinions on what color i SHOULD paint it. I am in love with teal right now – but it also might be awesome as a distressed ivory combo.

So – help a sista out.


Also – tomorrow is the start of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness week. I have a whole week of blog posts planned to help raise some awareness of what Mito is, what it means to us, and ways you can help spread awareness too. BUT – I wanted to know if any of you had any specific questions you want answered! I know we get a lot of questions from kids wanting to know why Kendall has this tube or that tube or why she can’t do x, y or z. So if your kids have questions – let me know those too! Leave it in a comment or email it to me!

Ok I think that’s all I gots for now!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday! Enjoy this gorgeous Chi-town weather!



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