heat is a wonderful thing

And we’re back!

Thanks to the wonderful, kind, dare I say heroic efforts of an awesome family from our church – our heat has been restored! Thanks so much Mike! And to the many others of you who offered your homes, food, and other protection from the chilly night last nite (and this morning) – my humble thanks is not enough. It was truly so very touching to see how many messages, facebooks, and phone calls I received with offers of help. And for my next new trick – I am going to learn how to actually ACCEPT those offers….

It was a cold night – but, armed with my trusty forehead thermometer, and kids who were so bundled up in sweatshirts and piled under blankets that they could hardly move – we made it! Such an awesome smell, isn’t it – that old furnace-kickin-on, nose burning smell of dust and other random pieces of DNA that means you have HEAT!!!!

And now it is snowing a nice beautiful hollywood snow out our back door window and it is quiet in the house and I want nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a blanket and sleep like the babies are doing.

But we have therapy in an hour so we have to go brave the cold and elements. Maybe tonite though!

The girls don’t have dance class tonite (we had to pull them out due to financial considerations:Kendall learning to walk with braces we have to pay out of pocket for, or the girls flinging themselves around like wild hurricanes……let me think……) – so while they are a teensy bit upset, they are bravely trying to hold it together and not whine too much about it. (Karissa actually told me “Mommy, I am really sad on the inside, but I am not showing it on my face because that wouldn’t be a good atter-tude”. Meanwhile Kealey is flung across the couch sobbing these huge body-wracking sobs. So karissa feels the need to rub it in just a tad bit more that SHE has a good atter-tude…. – sigh. Lord help me in five years when this is a daily occurrence – these fits and sobs and heartbreaking daily events!)

ALL THAT TO SAY – I am going to try to make tonite a fun night for them – we are going to make hot cocoa with whip cream and watch Polar Express together on the floor with blankets and lights off (aka – “movie-feeter style”). So  hopefully they forget about missing dance class and can focus on the fun we have as a family instead.

I feel like i have no idea how it got to be the 9th of December and I still haven’t filled the Advent Calendar, done much in the way of holiday traditions, talked about the fact that christmas is really truly and for real ALMOST HERE!!! It only comes around one time a year – and I typically love milking it for everything it’s worth when it comes to doing things with the girls…but I just haven’t done that yet this year. I don’t know if its the craziness of our schedules most weeks, or if the problem lies with me and my own lack of “oomph”….I just don’t know! I wish I could figure it out. I wish I could swallow a “Christmas Spirit” pill, wash it down with some peppermint flavored coffee beverage, turn on the Bing Crosby white christmas album and tap-tap-tap my way to a jolly good time.

I will say that I think the snow is definitely helping. No idea why. It just is. Having heat back helps a little too. Probably mostly because I felt like I could finally shower again without risking hypothermia.

I need some new Christmas-y tarts. And I need to bake cookies. i need to start wrapping gifts and find a few more. I need to wrangle the girls into matchy matchy outfits (which I have yet to buy/find) and coerce them into taking a cute holiday picture so I can then design and print cards and then send them out. I need to do….a lot of Christmasy stuff! So I should get off of here and get on it!

I will update Kendall’s medical stuff on some of the earlier December posts (don’t worry, I’ll link to them too!)

Off to run to therapy (or drive rather. No way am I crazy enough to run in this stuff….)

Ciao little apples!



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  1. aww, sorry the girls have to give up rocking like a hurricane. Enjoy your cozy night! HOT CHOCOLATE!!

  2. don’t worry about Christmasy yet! you can really focus on the 12 days of Christmas and that doesn’t start until Dec 14th. You even have the weekend to plan it! We will do something Christmasy each day. I was even going to have the kids help me plan. gingerbread house, bake cookies, movie night, drive around looking at lights. And you figure Christmas Eve and Day are pretty much covered by church and other family stuff, so really only 10 days to plan!!