Happy Halloween!

I’ll admit – I’m not a super crazy Halloween person. Don’t get me wrong – I am ALLLLLL about the candy. And glittery decorations. And coming up with cute matching costumes that don’t cost an arm and a leg for four little girls. (that obviously didn’t happen this year. i have no excuses. I am just a failure.)

but besides those things – eh. It’s a fun day. We have a few things we do every year, but it’s no Christmas or Valentine’s Day, know what i mean? so anyways – hope you all had a happy and fun day doing whatever it is you do on halloween.

today i got the best gift of all – SLEEPING IN! I was just wiped out after coming home Saturday nite from my mom’s super fun birthday party all day – and it wasn’t even like i was TIRED tired, I was just…it was like everything just kind of ached but it was mostly my eyes that were just really painful. They have been getting crazy devil-red the past few days for no reason (well, I am sure there is a reason, probably allergies, but its not like i feel allergic to anything, which is normally how it is.) ANYWAYS. I remember telling Ben i was going to bed, and i even remember taking happy blue medicine (its my cureall for EVERYTHING.) And after that I don’t remember a THING until I woke up at 11 am this morning to a completely dead silent house. It was bliss. It was all the more special because not only did Ben let me sleep in, but he took all four girls to church BY HIMSELF. And I am not in any way implying that he is normally incapable of this, but it usually involves me having to lay out four little outfits, put in 8 little piggy-tails, and otherwise do some of the support work. But nope! he did it all – even though he was up most of the nite with a screaming kaylen (I found this all out after the fact) – whose legs were killing her!! AND he had been up before that finishing painting his new office! (I promise I will have pictures tomorrow!)

But all of that sleep sure did help a lot. I, unfortunately, still feel like I am fighting off something that could turn into just this side of the ebola virus, but with hefty doses of all my prescription asthma/allergy meds, as well as a few doses of meds that have NOT been prescribed to me, and suckin’ on that fricking inhaler every couple hours – I am actually feeling much more capable of functioning tonite than the last couple of days. Hopefully its enough. It is far too early in the season to be getting ebola already. i like to save that for february.

So – now I am ready to take on this week. I think. Having the girls have off half day on Monday and all day on tuesday will definitely throw a kink in the schedule. But I think we’ll motor through it. I should probably try to get a rough sketch on paper of what this week will entail because I have this nagging feeling that I will forget something major…

Like the fact that in two weeks from today it will be Kendall’s 2nd birthday. I find that hard to believe. This year has FLOWN by and she has made such HUGE progress….ok i am not gonna get myself all verklempt about it tonite. I’ll save it all up for one long kleenex inducing post later. I know you all love those as much as I do!

For now – I think I should go wash a couple xanax down with some kit-kat’s or m&m’s. It’s been that kind of nite. On top of her scream-inducing leg pain last nite, Kaylen also decided to choke and i mean choke GOOD on a hot dog tonite at dinner. Thank God for my brother in law Nate, a trained first responder as a cop, who recognized that she was in big trouble and did the heimlich on her to get the hotdog dislodged. She’s been getting a little choky with weird things like that for the past few weeks – I don’t know if her reflux has just been irritating her throat more or what. But it was scary. However, in true fashion around these parts, heaven forbid we have just ONE emergency going on concurrently! At the same time I am trying to comfort Kaylen, I hear that sickening gasp of a super long breath holding scream from Kendall, whose fingers were stuck in the door that Kealey was opening for the trick-or-treaters. As in, deep imprint going all the way through her little fingers stuck. AY yi yi.

So here’s to hoping that we don’t have any leg pain issues, random finger swelling in the morning, puking, or any other hundreds of random things that like to happen here at our house during prime sleeping hours. I also hope these things do’nt happen at YOUR house, wherever that may be.

Ok – pics of the big office switcharoo secret project from last week will be up tomorrow. And I hope to have a few more posts with lots of good eyecandy (sorry – i mean of the home goods kind, not the david beckham kind….but maybe that too???) you just never know what you’re going to get around here I guess!

Alright – i am really going to bed now. This post is making less and less sense the more i try to type. 😛

Peace out homeslices.


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