Happy Birthday Week!

Trying this again. I still haven’t forgiven my blog program for losing my last post. I’m not going to be able to rehash the whole thing. But i cannot believe it’s been a week (more?) since my last post, so i figured I better get something up!

It has been another crazy week around here – but we all survived. Eye doctor visits for myself and all four K’s revealed that at least three of them have gotten my crappy eye genes. Kendall will likely be hugely benefitted by glasses, but was uncooperative with the testing by the end of the visits, so we will try it again in a couple months when she has hopefully gained SOME kind of attention span to be able to test the deficit better. Kealey needs pretty strong glasses which was a HUGE shock – she has never ONCE complained of things being blurry, hard to see, strained eyes – NOTHING! And Karissa has a “visual processing disorder” based on some of the testing the doc did, so we will need to follow up more with her neuro about that to figure out more of how it fits into the bigger picture.

Conferences with their teachers all went well – i’m so proud of all of my girlies and how they are doing in school!

This week will hopefully be MUCH less stressful, and hopefully will bring us closer to more sanity in our lives with nursing help, finishing up IV antibiotics (and their crazy scheduling!), and no appointments (yet). PLUSSSSS….


It’s little missy’s BIG BIRTHDAY!!! this Wednesday! I need to finish up my birthday letter for her, do a birthday video/year in review, and decide on her present! This is the first year she has actually been cognizant of “things” to want, and of course she wants EVERYTHING! Her first request was for a “minnie shopping cart wis all da food”, but when I went to look online for that, they had only a “bowtique” shopping cart (Minnie’s bowtique), no food included, or a Minnie play kitchen. She went nuts over the play kitchen pictures and told me “mommy, you have good sings on your pu-tahh!!!” But then she saw an ad for this Cinderella playset and looks at it every day and says “mommy, da birsday fairy bwing me DISSSSSSS????? Pweeeeezzzze!!!!” And of course I can’t FIND the stupid cinderella playset anywhere! (I can’t even find it online to link to but THIS ONE is cute too that i did find! i’m sure she’d like it too…but its not the one she looks at every day!!!)But then again she is also obsessed with play-doh and painting so maybe i should just buy more of those? i hope I get some free time to go actually find her something before her birthday!

And we are SO CLOSE to meeting my goal of having 1000 friends/fans/prayerwarriors for Kendall Quinn on her facebook page, Hope for Kendall! There is a link in the sidebar – if you have not liked her page yet – PLEASE help us out and do that! Then feel free to share it on your wall! Why is this important to me? I’m not sure that its about the actual “number” as much as it is about sharing my beautiful amazing warrior princess with so many people. For all that she endures every day, she is my hero. For all the times she pushes through pain that shoots through her bladder and down her legs and into her back. For all the times she lugs around a backpack that weighs 1/3rd of her body weight that carries her food and pumps and medicines and supplies. For all the times she gets stabbed in the legs with medicine to break up the clot hanging out dangerously near her heart. For all of the daily battles she faces with a smile on her face – I want her to know that she is touching someone’s life. that she is making a difference. That all that pain isn’t for nothing. I want you to know this amazing little girl like i do. She’s pretty awesome. So are her sisters. So is her dad.

I’m also toying with a possible idea of having a “bring your own nuggets” party at the bolingbrook Chick-fil-A this coming Saturday night (the 17th). Basically we would be there for a certain amount of time and have some cake and if you could stop by and celebrate with us, we would love to see you! No pressure, nothing huge….just something i’m tossing around right now! Let me know if you think you might be able to make something like this! It will help me make up my mind!

Anyways – that’s where I’m at this rainy Sunday night. It might snow tonite! I don’t know why – but i think that would be kind of awesome! i hope you have all had an awesome weekend and have a beautiful Monday! I promise i’ll have a better/more detailed post tomorrow!
Thanks for checking on us!


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