Happy birthday Kaylen Hope!

Awww – memories!!!

I cannot believe it’s only been two years that I was sitting there thinking Kaylen would never come. I cannot believe how insanely much has happened in this past two years…dsc-0002-thumb.jpg

You are definitely one tough egg, kaylen hope. You burst your way into this world and have been a virtual tornado of activity ever since then! You were just about Kendall’s age last year when I found out that she was coming, that your babyhood would be cut short, crammed up with someone else’s. How could I have known how very much that would mean? You have had to endure some of what I am sure has been the most confusing times in your life this past year, shuffling back and forth between hospitals, memaw and poppa’s, home, babysitters, new places. You have never been a cuddly baby – always preferring to just be laid right into your crib with your bubba and bobby and occasionally a dolly or bear or two or three. And oh how my arms have ached to hold you this past few months especially, whisper to you how very much I do love you, try to hold on to some of the little baby things about you before you lose them completely. I know it hasn’t been an ideal environment for you – and you are so stuck between being one of the “big” girls and being one of the “babies”. So independent, so strong willed, so protective of everyone and everything in your life – you are going to be one amazing person someday, baby budget.

So on your second birthday, as you are learning new words and new skills (like peeing on the potty finally!!!), I wish for you continued strength, lots of fun, lots of normalcy this year. I hope that as your big sisters climb the big yellow bus to school together this year, that you and I can get back some of our lost time. I love hearing you tell me “mommy – c’mere!! watch wallllleeee” while squeezing your fingers toward me in a “come here” type of motion. Some days you just melt my heart. Other days you make me burn with frustration. But every day I love you more and more. You are an amazing baby and I am so glad you’re mine. I hope you have a very special happy birthday. Hugs and kisses – love, mommy

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  1. This made me cry, too. It was so cool to finally get to know Kaylen last week. She is such an amazing girl filled with excitment and wiggles! Happy Birthday, Bam Bam!!!! We miss you!

  2. I really do LOVE that girl! Id like to add to her memory book that for people she likes instead of just coming up to them, she runs up and does a flip head first into their arms. I wonder how long she will keep that up. It may become awkward as a teenager. She is a joy and blessing to know.