gumbo Ya-Ya.

In other words – just a mix of “stuff”.

In case you aren’t on the Terra Talking blog page on FB (which you totally should be), here’s my randomness for the week.

True Story: I did not sleep well last night because I was stuck in this inception-like dreamscape where I was Michael Jackson’s babysitter. Not of prince and blanket, but of him. Turns out he didn’t actually die. No, he just sustained massive brain injuries, reducing him to a functional 4 year old. I spent about 20 minutes in my dream trying to coax him off the monkey bars at the playground. I sang him Jackson 5 songs to calm him down.
THIS is why I’m a walking zombie people- my brain is all kinds of jacked.
So beat it- just beat it… No one likes to be defeated!


After that, i’ve been trying to go to bed earlier so my brain doesn’t go crazy in the average 4.27 hours of sleep I get a night and create crazy issues like this.

My ear has been killing me all week. I think i might have an ear infection. I’m taking some old antibiotics that I THINK might be helping so…..that’s good. Cause it really hurt. A lot. Like I wanted to just whine about it all day long to anyone and everyone who would listen to me.

I’m totally just trying to fill in the date on the calendar here and backdate this post so it’s mostly just random gibberish…

I get really really irked when people question me. I work very hard to be trustworthy, and when people don’t get that, it is devastating to me. Especially people who don’t talk to ME about the situation. This is just randomness I was talking about with someone today and I just needed to get that off my chest.

We will be setting up a meeting soon to meet with our local fire station crew who responded to the 911 call back in the summer when Kendall got very sick. One of the firemen responders promised Kendall that if she got to feeling better, he would let her paint his nails like hers were painted. So he is going to get a special Kendall manicure soon. That’s going to be adorable!

My first time talking in front of people about Kendall’s story went very well earlier this week. I should have maybe planned a little bit more about what I was saying – but I’m hopeful that what I said came straight from God and that whomever needed to hear our story that day, heard what they needed to hear. I really enjoyed it – and would love to do it more. Same as I would love to write a book. But I need someone to help facilitate both of those things! If you know of an agent who wants to represent me/my future book – send them my way! Also – if you want me to speak at your event – about anything – i’m a master of MANYYYYY different topics – ask anyone – I know everything about everything!!! (ha! this is a very tongue in cheek sarcastic joke!) Seriously – I have had a few people ask if I could speak at their church/womens group and I would love to do this more.

uhhhhhh what else…..

ok well it’s time to go pick up my girls from dance class now so I will wrap this crazy randomness up now!

If you read this entire post of drivel, leave a comment. You deserve a hope for kendall sticker!!! 😉

rockin the random~



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  1. Am I really the only one to comment? Well, Helllloooo there, Terra and family!
    Like I said on FB, just popping in here catching up on your sneeky catch-up posts!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Your faithful reader,

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